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improve /ɪmˈpruːv/ verb

بهبودی دادن ، بهتر کردن ، اصلاح کردن ، بهبودی یافتن ، پیشرفت کردن ، اصلاحات کردن

: improve (land)

قانون ـ فقه: احیاء اراضی موات
کامپیوتر: بهبودی و اصلاح

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- enhance, advance, better, correct, help, rectify, touch up, upgrade
- progress, develop, make strides, pick up, rally, rise
Contrasted words: diminish, downgrade, lessen, lower, decline, deteriorate, fail, flag, languish, run down, sink, weaken
Related Idioms: gain ground, make progress
Related Words: cultivate, develop, perfect, correct, emend, rectify, reform, remedy, edit, revise, enhance, enrich, refine, rub up, upgrade, advance, better, progress, recover, rally, revive, strengthen

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improve S2 W1 /ɪmˈpruːv/ verb
[Word Family: verb: improve; noun: improvement; adjective: improved]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: emprowe 'to improve' (15-16 centuries), from Anglo-French emprouer 'to make a profit', from Old French prou 'advantage, profit'; probably influenced by approve]
[intransitive and transitive] to make something better, or to become better:
a course for students wishing to improve their English
The doctors say she is improving (=after being ill).
You could use the money for improving your home.
Many wines improve with age (=get better as they get older).

In everyday English, people often say something gets better rather than improves:
Her English is definitely getting better.
I hope things get better soon.
improve on/upon something phrasal verb
to do something better than before or make something better than before:
Bertorelli has scored 165 points, and I don’t think anyone will improve on that.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADV. considerably, dramatically, greatly, immeasurably, materially, radically, significantly, substantially, vastly | markedly, noticeably | marginally, slightly | rapidly | steadily
VERB + IMPROVE continue to The weather should continue to improve over the weekend.
strive to, try to trying to improve their working conditions
help to | be designed to
PHRASES aimed at improving sth measures aimed at improving government efficiency
an attempt/effort to improve sth, an incentive to improve sth Workers need to be given an incentive to improve their performance.
much improved We now offer a much improved service to our customers.

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