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impulse /ˈɪmpʌls/ noun

تکانه ، ضربه ، بر انگیزش ، انگیزه ناگهانی ، تکان دادن ، بر انگیختن ، انگیزه دادن به ، الکترونیک: ضربه ، معماری: انگیزش ، شیمی: ضربه ، روانشناسی: تکانه ، ورزش: ضربه ، علوم هوایی: ضربه
الکترونیک: ضربه ، شیمی: تکانه ، ضربه ، تربیت بدنی: ضربه ، هواپیمایی: تکانه ، ضربه ، انگیزش ، معماری: تکانه ، روانشناسی: ضربه ، الکترونیک: بر انگیزش ، انگیزه ناگهانی ، تکان دادن ، بر انگیختن ، انگیزه دادن به کامپیوتر: ضربه

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Synonyms: urge, caprice, feeling, inclination, notion, whim, wish
Related Words: excitant, lust, passion, urge, actuation, drive, impulsion

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impulse /ˈɪmpʌls/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: impulsus, from the past participle of impellere; impel]

1. [uncountable and countable] a sudden strong desire to do something without thinking about whether it is a sensible thing to do Synonym : urge
impulse to do something
a sudden impulse to laugh
Marge’s first impulse was to run.
Gerry couldn’t resist the impulse to kiss her.
on impulse
On impulse, I picked up the phone and rang her.
Most beginners buy plants on impulse and then hope for the best.
impulse buying/shopping (=when you buy things that you had not planned to buy)

2. [countable] technical a short electrical signal that travels in one direction along a nerve or wire:
The eye converts light signals to nerve impulses.

3. [countable] a reason or aim that causes a particular kind of activity or behaviour:
It is the passions which provide the main impulse of music.

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I. sudden strong wish
ADJ. strong | irresistible | first, original My first impulse was to run away.
sudden | basic | instinctual, natural | repressed | conflicting, contradictory, contrary | aggressive, violent | creative | sexual
VERB + IMPULSE feel, have She felt a sudden impulse to look to her left.
be subject to We are all subject to aggressive impulses.
be driven by | check, control, deny, fight (back/down), resist, restrain, stifle, suppress He fought down an impulse to scream.
give in to, obey, yield to She gave in to an impulse and took the money.
act on Acting on impulse, he picked up the keys and slipped them into his pocket.
buy sth on Some people will buy a puppy on impulse without any idea of what is involved.
IMPULSE + VERB arise Impulses that are repeatedly denied can arise in other forms.
IMPULSE + NOUN buy, purchase The little black designer dress had been an impulse buy.
buying | buyer
PREP. on (an) ~ On an impulse, I went into the shop and bought a box of chocolates.
~ towards basic impulses towards things such as food and drink

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II. movement of energy
ADJ. electrical, nerve/nervous
VERB + IMPULSE transmit Nerve impulses are transmitted to the brain.
convert sth into, transform sth into Radio waves are converted into electrical impulses.

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III. sth that causes sb/sth to do sth
ADJ. positive | political, social
IMPULSE + VERB lead (sb/sth) to sth, prompt (sb/sth to sth) the impulse that prompted economic change
PREP. ~ behind the impulse behind a concept
~ for the impulse for social reform
~ toward the political impulses towards joining a trade union

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He had a strong impulse to punch Stan in the face.
irresistible (=very strong)
I felt an irresistible impulse to giggle.
a sudden impulse
She felt a sudden impulse to play some music.
somebody's first/initial impulse
Her first impulse was to turn and walk away.
a natural impulse
My natural impulse was to shout for help.
have/feel an impulse to
Rosa had an impulse to tell Henry the truth.
resist/control an impulse (=not do something, even though you have an impulse to do it)
Derek resisted the impulse to eat any more cake.
act on an impulse (=do something because you have a sudden desire to do it)
Acting on an impulse, he decided to visit his sister.
obey an impulse formal (also yield to an impulse literary) (=do something because you have a sudden very strong desire to do it)
Yielding to an impulse, she called him on her mobile phone.
an impulse buy (=buying something without having planned it)
She admitted that the necklace had been an impulse buy.
do something on impulse (=do something without having planned it)
James bought her some flowers on impulse.

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BAD: I hope your trip will provide impulse for the essay you will have to write when you get back.
GOOD: I hope your trip will provide inspiration for the essay you will have to write when you get back.

Usage Note:
impulse = a sudden desire to do something: 'I had a sudden impulse to walk out of the classroom and never return.' 'It's unwise to act on impulse.'
inspiration = (a source of) creative energy: 'The inspiration for these early poems came from his relationship with Lucy Potter.'

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