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incident /ˈɪnsədənt, ˈɪnsɪdənt/ noun [countable]

رویداد ، ماوقع ، لازم ، فرعی ، تصادم یکانها ، ناگهان اتفاق افتادن ظهور کردن ، حادثه عملیاتی ، شایع ، روی داد ، واقعه ، حادثه ، ضمنی ، حتمی وابسته ، تابع ، معماری: رویداد ، قانون ـ فقه: ضمنی ، روانشناسی: رویداد ، بازرگانی: واقعه ، علوم نظامی: اتفاقات
- happening, adventure, episode, event, fact, matter, occasion, occurrence
- disturbance, clash, commotion, confrontation, contretemps, scene
Antonyms: essential, fundamental
English Thesaurus: event, occurrence, incident, occasion, affair, ...

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incident S3 W2 AC /ˈɪnsədənt, ˈɪnsɪdənt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: Latin, present participle of incidere 'to fall into']

1. an event, especially one that is unusual, important, or violent:
Am I at risk because of some incident in my sexual past?
Roads were sealed off because of a major incident.
without incident
The plane landed without incident.

Incident is used mainly in journalism or in formal contexts. In everyday English, people usually say something happened rather than talking about an incident:
Am I at risk because of something that happened in my past?

2. a serious disagreement between two countries:
You could have caused a major diplomatic incident.

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ADJ. major, serious | little, minor, small, trivial | further After nearly falling twice, she managed to make it to the top of the cliff without further incident.
whole He came to regret the whole incident.
actual, real/real-life The story is based on an actual incident.
alleged | reported | recorded | latest, recent | past | bad, horrific, horrifying, nasty, terrible, ugly, unpleasant, unsavoury some of the worst incidents of urban violence
violent | fatal, tragic | dramatic | controversial | famous | regrettable, unfortunate | embarrassing | bizarre, curious, mysterious, strange, unusual | amusing | unrelated, separate The police said that two men had been arrested after the match in unrelated incidents.
isolated It is feared that the attack may not have been an isolated incident.
scattered scattered incidents of violence across the country
domestic | international | border Talks between the neighbouring countries were called off following a border incident.
racial | diplomatic An error in the translation nearly caused a diplomatic incident.
terrorist | nuclear | bomb/bombing, shooting, stabbing | pollution | off-the-ball (sport) She received a serious jaw injury in an off-the-ball incident.
VERB + INCIDENT cause, provoke | be responsible for The group is believed to have been responsible for several terrorist incidents.
be involved in The hot-headed tennis star became involved in an incident with the umpire.
deal with, handle The incident was extremely well handled.
avoid, prevent | regret | see, witness | recall, remember He recalled a similar incident 14 months earlier. | forget | describe, recount She described the incident as outrageous. They all laughed as he recounted the amusing incident.
discuss, talk about | play down the government's desire to play down the incident
report The pedestrian who had nearly been run over reported the incident to the police.
investigate | be hurt in, be injured in, be killed in | pass (off) without, proceed without, take place without The demonstration passed without incident.
INCIDENT + VERB happen, occur, take place | arise (from/out of sth) incidents arising out of an industrial dispute
involve sb/sth a minor incid | cause sth, lead to sth, spark sth (off) The incident sparked off a riot which lasted three days.
INCIDENT + NOUN room An incident room was set up at a police station near the site of the crash.
PREP. following an/the ~ He was asked to leave the club following an incident at a training camp.
in an/the ~ Three soldiers were wounded in the incident.
over an/the ~ She was never disciplined over the incident.
without ~ The patrol had covered 200 miles without incident.

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a serious incident
The road is closed following a serious incident earlier today.
a major incident (=very serious)
The most recent major incident was an explosion at an oil refinery.
a small/minor incident
An apparently minor incident sparked off rioting.
the whole incident
The whole incident was caught on CCTV.
a separate incident
Young men were killed in two separate incidents on the same day.
a related incident (=connected to another incident)
The report describes a number of related incidents.
an isolated incident (=one that happens on its own, not together with others)
Luckily the attack turned out to be an isolated incident.
the latest incident (=the most recent one)
In the latest incident a post office was broken into.
a dramatic incident (=unexpected and exciting)
Viewers watched the dramatic incident on the television news.
a violent incident
There have been several violent incidents at football matches recently.
a tragic incident (=one that involves someone’s death)
Andrew’s father was lost at sea in this tragic incident.
an unfortunate incident (=involving an accident or argument)
Disciplinary action may be taken over this unfortunate incident.
an embarrassing incident
He left after an embarrassing incident in the bar.
a strange/unusual incident
Any unusual incidents should be reported to the police.
a shooting/stabbing incident (=when someone is shot or stabbed)
Two men died today in a shooting incident.
an incident happens
The incident happened as Mrs Edwards was walking her dog.
an incident occurs formal
The tragic incident occurred just after midnight.
cause an incident
His carelessness caused a major incident.
provoke/spark off an incident (=cause it to happen suddenly)
It is claimed that the police provoked the incident.
be involved in an incident
All those involved in the incident were sacked.
deal with/handle an incident
The police were criticized for the way in which they handled the incident.
describe an incident
Police asked the victim to describe the incident.

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