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income /ˈɪŋkʌm, ˈɪn-/ noun [uncountable and countable]

عایدات ، درامد ، عایدی ، دخل ، ریزش ، ظهور ، جریان ، ورودیه ، جدیدالورود ، مهاجر ، واردشونده ، قانون ـ فقه: عواید ، روانشناسی: درامد ، بازرگانی: درامد
مهندسی صنایع: درآمد ،عایدی ، ورودی مهندسی صنایع: مالی: درامد

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Synonyms: revenue, earnings, pay, proceeds, profits, receipts, salary, takings, wages
English Thesaurus: pay, meet the cost of something, foot the bill, pick up the tab, fork out/shell out, ...

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income S2 W1 /ˈɪŋkʌm, ˈɪn-/ noun [uncountable and countable]
the money that you earn from your work or that you receive from investments, the government etc ⇒ salary
on an income
People on higher incomes should pay more tax.
income from
income from savings and pensions
low-income families
private income
, unearned income at UNEARNED

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noun PREP. on an ~ Many families on a low income are dependent on state support.
~ from income from tourism
PHRASES the distribution/redistribution of income, a drop in income, income and expenditure Every company must keep control of its income and expenditure.
income per capita/head Real income per head of population was at a low point five years ago.
a source of income
 ⇒ Note at PER CENT (for more verbs)
 ⇒ Special page at BUSINESS

ADJ. above-average, high, large | sufficient | average Average incomes are rising more slowly.
below-average, low, meagre, small | rising | additional They hope that the lottery will provide additional income for charities.
total | future | permanent, secure | regular, steady | annual, monthly, weekly | national | per capita the average per capita income
personal, private He has a large private income on top of what he earns as a teacher.
family, household | gross, pre-tax | taxable | after-tax, net, post-tax | disposable | real | earned | unearned | money the money incomes of individuals
retirement | capital, fee, foreign, investment
VERB + INCOME have | receive She received an income for life as a result of her father's will.
earn, generate, provide (sb with) Financial assets have the advantage of earning income.
The return on your investment can provide you with regular income.
boost, increase, supplement ways of boosting your retirement income She supplements her income by doing an evening job.
reduce | exceed For 2001, expenditure exceeded income by £10,000.
depend on | live on A large number of families in the area are living on below-average incomes.
redistribute They aim to redistribute income from the rich to the poor.
treat sth as Interest is treated as income for tax purposes.
INCOME + VERB arise (from sth), come from sth, derive from sth If a person's income arises in the UK it is subject to UK income tax. A lot of our income comes from bank interest.
grow, increase, rise | drop, fall | exceed sth
INCOME + NOUN bracket, group, level Elderly people often belong to a low income group.
distribution, redistribution | incomes policy There are internal disputes over the party's incomes policy.
support A single mother of three, she relies on income support.
statement a company's income statement

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have an income (also receive an income formal)
We have an income of over $100,000 a year.
provide an income
The properties he rented out provided him with an income.
generate an income (=provide one)
He decided to invest the money to generate an income for the future.
increase your income
She took on extra work to increase her income.
supplement/add to your income (=increase your income, for example by doing an extra job)
Ted supplemented his income by doing part-time work in the evenings.
sb’s income rises/increases/goes up
They saw their income rise considerably over the next few years.
sb’s income falls/goes down
Average income fell by one third during this period.
a high/large income
He has a relatively high income.
a low/small income
Rent takes a large chunk of their small income.
sb’s annual income
Brian’s annual income is around £43,000.
the average income
The report compares average incomes across different European countries.
the national income (=the income of a country)
A large proportion of the national income comes from food exports.
family/household income
She works in a shop to supplement the family income.
disposable income (=your income after tax and necessary bills have been paid)
People spend a high proportion of their disposable income running a car.
gross income (=income before you have paid tax)
The family’s gross income has increased by 5% this year.
net income (=income after you have paid tax)
He was left with a net income of just £80 per week.
taxable income (=the part of your income on which you pay tax)
Money received in rent is included as part of your taxable income.
a joint income (=that two or more people have)
Between them they have a joint income of less than £20,000.
somebody's personal income
Average personal incomes rose by about 5% last year.
investment income (=income from investments)
You will be taxed on your investment income.
an income level/group
The tax rate rises with the individual’s income level.
an income bracket (=income level)
In general, people in higher income brackets live longer.
income tax (=tax that you pay on your income)
The standard rate of income tax is to be cut by 0.5%.
incomes policy British English (=government controls on wages)
Government control of the economy must include an effective incomes policy.
a source of income
His pension was his only source of income.
loss of income
You can buy insurance to protect you against loss of income if you are ill.

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