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incursion /ɪnˈkɜːʃən, -ʒən $ ɪnˈkɜːrʒən/ noun [countable]

تاخت و تاز ، تهاجم ، تاراج و حمله ، تعدی
Synonyms: invasion, foray, inroad, irruption, raid

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incursion /ɪnˈkɜːʃən, -ʒən $ ɪnˈkɜːrʒən/ noun [countable] formal
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin, from incurrere; incur]

1. a sudden attack into an area that belongs to other people
incursion into
a combined British and French incursion into China in 1857

2. the sudden arrival of something or someone into a place or activity where they do not belong or have not been before, used especially to say that they are not welcome
incursion into
The media was criticized for its thoughtless incursion into the domestic grief of the family.
the Japanese incursion into the U.S. domestic electronics market

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