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indecent /ɪnˈdiːsənt/ adjective

شرم اور ، گستاخ ، نا نجیب ، بی حیا
- lewd, crude, dirty, filthy, immodest, improper, impure, licentious, pornographic, salacious
- unbecoming, in bad taste, indecorous, unseemly, vulgar
Antonyms: decent

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indecent /ɪnˈdiːsənt/ adjective

1. something that is indecent is shocking and offensive, usually because it involves sex or shows parts of the body that are usually covered:
He was found guilty of possessing indecent photographs.
You can’t go out in that dress – it’s positively indecent!

2. completely unacceptable:
The funeral formalities were performed with almost indecent haste.
—indecently adverb:
an indecently short skirt

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I. involving naked people, sex, etc.
VERBS be | class sth as, consider sth, regard sth as, think sth photographs that are classed as indecent
ADV. grossly, positively That skirt of hers is positively indecent.

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II. not morally right
VERBS be, seem
ADV. positively The rush to get hold of their father's money seemed positively indecent.
almost She started a new relationship with almost indecent haste.

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