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indulgence /ɪnˈdʌldʒəns/ noun

لطف کردن ، از راه افراط بخشیدن ، ولخرجی کردن ، غفو کردن ، زیاده روی ، افراط
- gratification, appeasement, fulfilment, satiation, satisfaction
- luxury, extravagance, favour, privilege, treat
- tolerance, forbearance, patience, understanding
Antonyms: strictness
Contrasted words: rigor, severity, sternness, rigidity, rigorousness, harshness
Related Words: benignancy, benignity, benignness, kindliness, kindness, gentleness, mildness

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indulgence /ɪnˈdʌldʒəns/ noun

1. [uncountable] the habit of allowing yourself to do or have whatever you want, or allowing someone else to do or have whatever they want ⇒ self-indulgence at self-indulgent

2. [countable] something that you do or have for pleasure, not because you need it:
An occasional glass of wine was his only indulgence.

3. [uncountable] formal willingness to ignore someone’s faults or weaknesses:
a spirit of indulgence and forgiveness

4. [countable] a promise of freedom from punishment by God, sold by priests in the Middle Ages

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I. having whatever you want
ADJ. excessive | personal, self- guilty of self-indulgence
PREP. ~ in She allowed herself only a few moments' indulgence in self-pity.
PHRASES a life of indulgence

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II. sth you allow yourself
ADJ. expensive, private, small
VERB + INDULGENCE allow yourself As a relief from work she allowed herself a few small indulgences.

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III. acceptance of change to the normal way of doing sth
VERB + INDULGENCE ask, beg, request He begged the audience's indulgence to read some passages from his latest book.
grant (law), show (sb) He attacked the indulgence shown to religious dissenters.

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