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inferiority /ɪnˌfɪəriˈɒrəti, ɪnˌfɪəriˈɒrɪti $ -ˌfɪriˈɔːr-/ noun [uncountable]

پستی ، مادونی
- inadequacy, deficiency, imperfection, insignificance, mediocrity, shoddiness, worthlessness
- subservience, abasement, lowliness, subordination

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inferiority /ɪnˌfɪəriˈɒrəti, ɪnˌfɪəriˈɒrɪti $ -ˌfɪriˈɔːr-/ noun [uncountable]
when someone or something is not good or not as good as someone or something else Antonym : superiority:
moral inferiority
sense/feeling of inferiority
He had a deep-rooted feeling of inferiority.

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ADJ. moral, racial, social the myth of racial inferiority
numerical The invading force, conscious of their numerical inferiority at sea, decided on an airborne attack.
INFERIORITY + NOUN complex He had an inferiority complex about his looks.
PREP. ~ to She accepted her inferiority to her rivals.
PHRASES a feeling/sense of inferiority, a position of inferiority, a sign of inferiority Using a false accent over the phone is a sign of inferiority.

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