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influence /ˈɪnfluəns/ noun
influence verb [transitive]

اعتبار ، برتری ، تفوق ، توانایی ، تجلی ، نفوذ کردن بر ، تحت نفوذ خود قرار دادن ، تاثیر کردن بر ، وادار کردن ، ترغیب کردن ، علوم مهندسی: تاثیر ، عمران: تاثیر ، قانون ـ فقه: نفوذ ، روانشناسی: نفوذ
- effect, authority, control, domination, magnetism, pressure, weight
- power, clout (informal), hold, importance, leverage, prestige, pull (informal)
- affect, control, direct, guide, manipulate, sway
Related Words: command, domination, dominion, mastery, ascendancy, dominance, eminence, predominance, consequence, importance, moment, drag, in, pull
English Thesaurus: effect, impact, influence, side effect, after-effects, ...

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I. influence1 S3 W1 /ˈɪnfluəns/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Medieval Latin influentia, from Latin fluere 'to flow']

1. [uncountable and countable] the power to affect the way someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks, without using direct force or orders:
As a scientist, his influence was immense.
influence on/over
the unions’ influence over local politics

2. [countable] someone or something that has an influence on other people or things
bad/good/positive etc influence (on somebody)
Gayle’s mother said I was a bad influence on her daughter.
For centuries the country remained untouched by outside influences.

3. under the influence (of alcohol/drink/drugs etc) drunk or feeling the effects of a drug

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II. influence2 S3 W2 verb [transitive]
to affect the way someone or something develops, behaves, thinks etc without directly forcing or ordering them:
Marx was strongly influenced by the historian Niebuhr.
influence a decision/outcome/choice etc
Several factors are likely to influence this decision.
influence somebody to do something
What influenced you to take up nursing?

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I. effect sb/sth has; power to control sb/sth
ADJ. big, considerable, enormous, great, significant | growing | chief, dominant, major, overwhelming | powerful, profound, strong He had a profound influence on modern poets.
important | crucial, decisive | undue (law) The court found that the bank exerted undue influence over Mrs Black in getting her to sign the contract.
beneficial, positive | adverse, corrupting, destructive, disruptive, evil, negative | stabilizing, steadying | calming, restraining | civilizing | direct | pervasive, wide | external, outside The religious community wished to be independent of outside influence.
foreign | cultural, economic, genetic, political
VERB + INFLUENCE have | give sb Her wealth gave her influence over affairs of state.
exercise, exert, use, wield Can you use your influence with the director to get me a part in the film? Drug cartels wielded enormous influence in the city.
extend The unions have been able to extend their influence over all industries.
be under The court was told that he was under the influence of alcohol when he committed the offence.
come/fall under She came under the influence of Sartre at this period.
be independent of | show Spanish architecture shows Moorish influence.
attribute sth to Much of his writing can be attributed to the influence of Freud.
INFLUENCE + VERB extend Their influence extended as far as China.
PREP. under the ~ The town grew under the influence of colonialism.
~ from There was no influence from outside.
~ in She has a certain amount of influence in the way things are organized.
~ on/upon They were a major influence upon the development of the sport.
~ over I have absolutely no influence over him.
~ with Queen Isabella was urged to use her influence with the French monarch.
PHRASES a sphere of influence Rome's sphere of influence extended across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
bring your influence to bear on sb/sth The king tried to bring his influence to bear on (= tried to influence) the parliament.
under the influence (of alcohol/drink) He was arrested for driving under the influence.

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II. sb/sth that affects the way sb behaves/thinks
ADJ. big, considerable, great, significant | dominant, major, overwhelming | powerful, profound, strong | important | early Who were your early influences (= influences at the start of your career)?
formative The massive intellect of his mother had been a formative influence from his earliest years.
diverse He is a writer of Indian descent and draws upon diverse cultural influences.
outside Parents often seek to shelter their children from outside influences
good | adverse, bad, corrupting, destructive, disruptive, harmful, negative | stabilizing, steadying | calming, restraining | civilizing | environmental, genetic | artistic, cultural, musical
VERB + INFLUENCE be, represent The legacy of Ancient Rome represented the overwhelming influence on Romanesque architecture.
have The band had many influences.
be exposed to a study of children exposed to different cultural influences
draw from/on/upon
INFLUENCE + VERB be at work There were a number of influences at work in Gaudi's architecture.
PREP. ~ on She's by far the biggest influence on my writing.

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ADV. considerably, deeply, enormously, greatly, heavily, powerfully, profoundly, strongly This book influenced her profoundly.
increasingly | largely, mainly, primarily | partly, slightly | directly, indirectly Pressure from industry bosses has directly influenced government policy.
clearly, obviously, undoubtedly | actively | critically, crucially, decisively, significantly | inevitably | positively actions that positively influence health
adversely | unduly Try to be aware of external factors which may unduly influence your judgement.
VERB + INFLUENCE seem to | attempt to, seek to, try to seeking to influence university appointments
PREP. in Her parents tried to influence her in her choice of university.
PHRASES be easily/readily influenced He was naive and easily influenced by his friends.

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have an influence on somebody/something
His works have had an influence on many modern writers.
exert an influence formal (=have an influence)
Technology exerts a powerful influence over our lives.
use your influence
She wasn’t afraid to use her influence to get what she wanted.
exercise/wield influence formal (=use it)
The Federal Reserve exercises influence on the economy by setting short-term interest rates.
come/fall under the influence of somebody/something (=be influenced by someone or something)
They had come under the influence of a religious sect.
extend your influence (=make your influence larger)
Syria had the opportunity to extend its influence in the region.
a good/positive influence
Television can have a positive influence on young people.
a bad/negative influence
He thought her friends were a bad influence.
a big/great influence
The goalkeeper’s injury had a big influence on the match.
an important/significant/major influence
Parents have an important influence on children's development.
He was a major influence on my musical tastes.
considerable influence
Well-organized pressure groups can exert considerable influence on the government.
a strong/powerful influence
The press can have a powerful influence on the way people vote.
a deep/profound influence
His writings had a profound influence on the Romantic poets.
a growing influence
Many people are worried about the growing influence of these websites.
a lasting influence (=continuing for a long time)
His travels in Africa had a lasting influence on his work.
a direct/indirect influence
The Cubist painters had a direct influence on his work.
The federal government has an indirect influence on investment through its control of bank credits.
a calming/soothing influence
The music seemed to have a calming influence.
sb’s personal influence
Frank used his personal influence to get his son a job at the newspaper.
political/cultural/economic influence
French political influence began to dominate the country.
outside/external influence (=happening from outside a country or a situation)
They must make their own decisions, free from external influence.
The US remains the biggest outside influence on the country.
undue influence (=too much influence)
He felt that the United States wielded undue influence in Europe.

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BAD: I don't think that longer prison sentences would influence on criminals.
GOOD: I don't think that longer prison sentences would influence criminals.

Usage Note:
influence sb/sth (WITHOUT on ): 'The revolution of 1789 influenced events far beyond France.'
Note the alternative: 'I don't think that longer prison sentences would deter criminals.'

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BAD: These drugs have no influence on the virus.
GOOD: These drugs have no effect on the virus.
BAD: I asked him not to keep disturbing me, but it had no influence.
GOOD: I asked him not to keep disturbing me, but it had no effect.

Usage Note:
If someone (or something) has an influence , they help to shape the way that someone or something develops: 'D.W. Griffith had an enormous influence on the motion picture industry.'
If something has an effect , it causes a change to take place in someone or something: 'The war had a disastrous effect on the economy.'

BAD: America has given a tremendous influence to Japanese society.
GOOD: America has had a tremendous influence on Japanese society.

Usage Note:
have an influence on sb/sth (NOT give ... to/in/for ): 'The book attempts to demonstrate the influence of the stars on people's lives.'

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