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ingenuity /ˌɪndʒəˈnjuːəti, ˌɪndʒəˈnjuːɪti $ -ˈnuː-/ noun [uncountable]

قوه ابتکار ، نبوغ ، هوش (اختراعی) ، امادگی برای اختراع ، مهارت ، استعداد ، صفا ، روانشناسی: ابتکار
Synonyms: originality, cleverness, flair, genius, gift, inventiveness, resourcefulness, sharpness, shrewdness

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ingenuity /ˌɪndʒəˈnjuːəti, ˌɪndʒəˈnjuːɪti $ -ˈnuː-/ noun [uncountable]
skill at inventing things and thinking of new ideas

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ADJ. considerable, great | intellectual, technical | human
QUANT. amount, degree Getting out of this mess was going to require a fair degree of ingenuity.
VERB + INGENUITY have someone who has the ingenuity to solve problems
apply, use There is always a solution, so long as you are prepared to use your ingenuity.
display, show The children showed a lot of ingenuity.
admire | call for, need, require, take Considerable ingenuity is needed to minimize costs. It didn't take much ingenuity to transform the door into a table.
PREP. with ~ They adapted the available materials with great ingenuity.
~ in We have to admire his ingenuity in redesigning the machinery.

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