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inner /ˈɪnə $ -ər/ adjective [only before noun]

درونی ، داخلی ، تویی ، روحی ، باطنی ، معماری: درونی ، روانشناسی: درونی ، ورزش: دو بازیگر مهاجم بین وسط و گوشها
کامپیوتر: درونی ترین کامپیوتر: داخلی ، درونی

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- inside, central, interior, internal, inward, middle
- private, hidden, intimate, personal, repressed, secret, unrevealed
Antonyms: outer
Contrasted words: exterior, external, outside, outward, outer, open, public
Related Words: central, focal, middle, nuclear, close, familiar, intimate, constitutional, essential, inherent, intrinsic, individual, personal, private, concealed, hidden, secret

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inner S3 W2 /ˈɪnə $ -ər/ adjective [only before noun]
[Language: Old English; Origin: innera, from inne 'inside']

1. on the inside or close to the centre of something Antonym : outer:
an inner room
inner London
the inner ear

2. inner thoughts or feelings are ones that you feel strongly but do not always show to other people:
Yoga gives me a sense of inner calm.
She’ll need great inner strength to get over the tragedy.
She never shared her inner thoughts with anyone.

3. relating to things which happen or exist but are not easy to see:
the inner workings of the film industry
the fascinating inner life of a political party

4. inner circle the few people in an organization, political party etc who control it or share power with its leader:
members of the president’s inner circle

5. sb’s inner voice thoughts or feelings inside your head which seem to warn or advise you:
My inner voice told me to be cautious.

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