intermeddle ●○○○○
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intermeddle verb. [ɪntǝ'mɛd(ǝ)l] arch. Also entermeddle.

مخلوط کردن ، مداخله کردن ، فضولی کردن
Synonyms: meddle, busybody, butt in, fool, horn in, interfere, interlope, make, monkey (with), tamper (with)
Related Words: encroach, entrench, invade, trespass

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in·ter·med·dle (ĭntər-mědl)
intr.v. in·ter·med·dled, in·ter·med·dling, in·ter·med·dles
To interfere in the affairs of others, often officiously; meddle.

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[Middle English entermedlen, from Old French entremedler : entre-, between (from Latin inter-. See inter-) + medler, to mix; see meddle.]

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inter·meddler n.

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