intermedium ●○○○○

intermedium noun. [ɪntǝ'mi:dɪǝm] Pl. -ia [-ɪǝ], -iums.

میانه گیر ، میانجی ، واسطه
intermedium noun. [ɪntǝ'mi:dɪǝm] Pl. -ia [-ɪǝ], -iums. L16.
[Late Latin, use as noun of neut. sing. of Latin intermedius: see INTERMEDIATE adjective & noun.]
1. An intervening action or performance. Now only spec. (Music), = INTERMEDIO. L16.

2. An interval of time or space. Now rare or obsolete. E17.

3. An intermediate agent, an intermediary. M17.
b. Physics. A medium through which energy is transmitted. Now rare or obsolete. E19.

4. Zoology. [mod. Latin os intermedium.] In tetrapods: a carpal in the centre of the wrist joint; a tarsal in the centre of the ankle joint. L19.

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