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intriguing /ɪnˈtriːɡɪŋ/ adjective

intrigue: دسیسه کردن ، توطئه چیدن ، فریفتن ، زمینه سازی
Synonyms: interesting, beguiling, compelling, diverting, exciting, fascinating, tantalizing, titillating
English Thesaurus: interesting, fascinating, stimulating, intriguing, absorbing/engrossing, ...

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intriguing /ɪnˈtriːɡɪŋ/ adjective
something that is intriguing is very interesting because it is strange, mysterious, or unexpected Synonym : fascinating:
The magazine carries an intriguing mixture of high fashion, gossip and racing.
—intriguingly adverb

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VERBS be, sound It all sounds very intriguing.
find sth I found the story rather intriguing.
ADV. extraordinarily, extremely, highly, most, very | quite, rather

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