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invitation /ˌɪnvəˈteɪʃən, ˌɪnvɪˈteɪʃən/ noun

دعوت ، وعده خواهی ، وعده گیری ، جلب ، بازرگانی: دعوت ، ورزش: مسابقه دعوتی

: invitation(al)

ورزش: حمله عمدی شمشیرباز برای وادار کردن حریف به حمله
Synonyms: request, call, invite (informal), summons

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invitation /ˌɪnvəˈteɪʃən, ˌɪnvɪˈteɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: invitation, invite; adjective: uninvited, invitinguninviting; verb: invite; adverb: invitingly]

1. [countable] a written or spoken request to someone, inviting them to go somewhere or do something
an invitation to do something
an invitation to speak at a scientific conference
invitation to
Roger never turns down an invitation to dinner.

2. [uncountable] the act of being invited or of inviting someone to go somewhere or do something
by invitation
Attendance at the seminars is by invitation only (=only those people who have been invited can attend).
They were always dropping by, usually without invitation.
at sb’s invitation/at the invitation of somebody
Kegl traveled to Nicaragua at the invitation of the Education Minister.

3. [countable] a card inviting someone to attend a party, wedding etc
party/wedding invitation
We sent out more than 300 wedding invitations.
invitation to
Did you get an invitation to Jason’s party?

4. [singular, uncountable] encouragement to do something
take something as an invitation to do something
He seemed to take my silence as an invitation to talk.

5. be an open invitation for/to somebody to make it very easy for someone to rob you or harm you:
Leaving the car unlocked is just an open invitation to thieves.

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ADJ. kind | formal | open We have an open invitation to use their holiday cottage whenever we like. (figurative) An unlocked door is an open invitation to any burglar.
dinner, party, wedding
VERB + INVITATION get, have, receive | accept, take sb up on, take up We'd love to to take up your invitation to visit you some time.
decline, refuse, turn down I must sadly decline your generous invitation.
extend (formal), issue, send, send out
PREP. at sb's ~ He is here to give a concert at the invitation of the British Council.
by ~ Membership of the club is by invitation only.
from ~ We got a wedding invitation from Shashi and Len.
to ~ Have you received your invitation to the exhibition? The head extended an invitation to all parents to come and see the school.

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get/receive an invitation
Did you get an invitation to Janet's party?
have an invitation
The following week, I had an invitation to give a talk in Cambridge.
accept an invitation
She accepted his invitation to dinner.
take up somebody's invitation/take somebody up on their invitation (=accept someone's invitation)
I decided to take them up on their invitation to dinner.
refuse/turn down an invitation (also decline an invitation formal)
She turned down an invitation to take part in a televised debate.
give somebody an invitation (also issue/extend an invitation formal)
He has issued an invitation to the Chinese president to come to Washington.
send (somebody) an invitation
We sent out the invitations last week.
thank somebody for an invitation
I'll have to write a letter thanking Martha for the invitation to her wedding.
a party/wedding invitation
He had a wedding invitation from Rob and Jen.
a dinner/lunch invitation
Fred's wife has accepted the dinner invitation.
a formal/official invitation
The president received a formal invitation to visit Nigeria.
a personal invitation
Each parent was sent a personal invitation for the school's open day.
somebody's kind invitation
It gives me great pleasure to accept your kind invitation.
a special invitation
We received a special invitation to attend a reception at the embassy.
an open/standing invitation (=an invitation to do something at any time you like)
Phillip kindly gave me an open invitation to stay at his villa in Tuscany.
a long-standing invitation (=an invitation which someone has had for a long time)
He had accepted a long-standing invitation to address the conference.
an invitation card (=a card with an invitation printed on it)
Everyone entering will have to show an invitation card.
a flood of invitations (=a lot of invitations)
He got a flood of invitations to appear on TV and radio shows.

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BAD: Thank you for the invitation for your wedding.
GOOD: Thank you for the invitation to your wedding.

Usage Note:
invitation to a party, wedding, meeting etc: 'I've just had an invitation to a New Year's Eve party.'
Note the alternative: 'Thank you for the wedding invitation.'

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