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irritated /ˈɪrəteɪtəd, ˈɪrɪteɪtəd/ adjective

irritate: عصبانی کردن ، برانگیختن ، خشمگین کردن ، خراش دادن ، سوزش دادن ، ازردن ، رنجاندن
Synonyms: annoyed, angry, bothered, cross, exasperated, nettled, piqued, put out, vexed
English Thesaurus: angry, mad, cross, annoyed, irritated, ...

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irritated /ˈɪrəteɪtəd, ˈɪrɪteɪtəd/ adjective

1. feeling annoyed and impatient about something
irritated about/at/with/by
John was getting irritated by all her questions.

2. painful and sore:
Her throat and eyes were irritated.

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VERBS be, feel, look, sound | become, get
ADV. deeply, profoundly | thoroughly | increasingly | faintly, a little, mildly, rather, slightly | visibly
PREP. at She was deeply irritated at being thwarted.
by He was slightly irritated by her forgetfulness.

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