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issue /ˈɪʃuː, ˈɪsjuː $ ˈɪʃuː/ noun

صادر کردن ، موضوع دعوی ، توزیع کردن ، قضیه تحویل جنس ، صدور ، مسئله ، بر امد ، پی امد ، نشریه ، فرستادن ، بیرون امدن ، خارج شدن ، صادر شدن ، ناشی شدن ، انتشار دادن ، رواج دادن ، نژاد ، نوع ، عمل ، کردار ، اولاد ، نتیجه بحث ، موضوع ، شماره ، قانون ـ فقه: ممر ، روانشناسی: صادر کردن ، بازرگانی: افتتاح کردن ، صادر کردن ، علوم نظامی: مطلب
مهندسی صنایع: نت: صادرکردن-ناشی شدن-فرستادن
مالی: صدور
نیروی انسانی: فرستادن

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- topic, bone of contention, matter, point, problem, question, subject
- outcome, consequence, effect, end result, result, upshot
- edition, copy, number, printing
- children, descendants, heirs, offspring, progeny
- take issue: disagree, challenge, dispute, object, oppose, raise an objection, take exception
- publish, announce, broadcast, circulate, deliver, distribute, give out, put out, release
Related Words: matter, subject, topic

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I. issue1 S1 W1 /ˈɪʃuː, ˈɪsjuː $ ˈɪʃuː/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: issir 'to come out, go out', from Latin exire, from ire 'to go']

1. SUBJECT/PROBLEM [countable] a subject or problem that is often discussed or argued about, especially a social or political matter that affects the interests of a lot of people:
Abortion is a highly controversial issue.
We should raise the issue of discrimination with the council.
The key issue is whether workers should be classified as ‘employees’.

2. MAGAZINE [countable] a magazine or newspaper printed for a particular day, week, or month
issue of
the January issue of Newsweek
the current/latest issue
Have you seen the latest issue?

3. take issue with somebody/something to disagree or argue with someone about something:
It is difficult to take issue with his analysis.
take issue with somebody over something
I must take issue with you over what you said yesterday.

4. make an issue (out) of something to argue about something, especially in a way that annoys other people because they do not think it is important:
I was upset by Eleanor’s remarks, but didn’t make an issue of it.

5. have issues (with somebody/something) informal
a) to have problems dealing with something because of something that happened in the past:
There’s a self-help group for people who have issues with money.
b) if you have issues with someone or something, you do not agree with or approve of them:
I have a few issues with Marc.

6. at issue formal the problem or subject at issue is the most important part of what you are discussing or considering:
At issue here is the extent to which exam results reflect a student’s ability.

7. ACT OF GIVING SOMETHING [singular] the act of officially giving people something to use:
the issue of identity cards to all non-residents

8. SET OF THINGS FOR SALE [countable] a new set of something such as shares or stamps, made available for people to buy:
We launched the share issue on March 1.
a new issue of bonds

9. die without issue old use to die without having any children

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II. issue2 S3 W2 AC verb [transitive]

1. to officially make a statement, give an order, warning etc:
Silva issued a statement denying all knowledge of the affair.
a warning issued by the Surgeon General

2. if an organization or someone in an official position issues something such as documents or equipment, they give these things to people who need them
issue a passport/permit/visa etc
The US State Department issues millions of passports each year.
issue somebody with something
All the workers were issued with protective clothing.
issue something to somebody
The policy document will be issued to all employees.

3. to officially produce something such as new stamps, coins, or shares and make them available to buy
issue forth phrasal verb literary
if something issues forth, it comes out of a place or thing
issue forth from
A low grunt issued forth from his throat.
issue from something phrasal verb literary
if something issues from a place or thing, it comes out of it:
Smoke issued from the factory chimneys.

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I. problem
ADJ. big, burning, central, critical, crucial, important, key, main, major, vital Europe remains the burning issue within the party.
wider The problem raises wider issues of gender and identity.
minor, side | basic, fundamental | real The real issue is where the power lies.
contentious, controversial, difficult, thorny the controversial issue of censorship
complex | live, unresolved The strike of ten years ago is still very much a live issue in the town.
domestic, global, international, local, national, regional | commercial, constitutional, economic, educational, environmental, ethical, health, moral, policy, political, social, technical, theoretical
QUANT. number, range, series
VERB + ISSUE raise | debate, discuss This evening we're debating the issue of the legalization of soft drugs.
decide, settle A referendum was held to settle the issue.
address, consider, deal with, examine, explore, look at, tackle | clarify | focus on We really need to focus on this one issue and not get sidetracked.
touch on The issue of birth control was touched on, but we need to examine it in more detail.
highlight The report highlights three issues.
confuse This argument should not be allowed to confuse the issue.
avoid, evade
ISSUE + VERB arise issues arising from the survey
underlie sth A more important issue underlies this debate.
PREP. at ~ What you say is interesting, but it does not affect the point at issue here.
on an/the ~ She spoke on the issue of private health care.
~ about fundamental issues about working conditions
~ concerning issues concerning the environment
~ relating to The conference examined key issues relating to the reform.

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II. one in a series of publications
ADJ. current | back | special a special issue of stamps
VERB + ISSUE bring out, publish
ISSUE + VERB come out, go on sale | be out
PREP. in an/the ~ an article in the current issue of ‘Newsweek’

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ADV. formally the bank which formally issues and handles these credit cards
directly The safest cheques are those issued directly by the bank?known as bankers' draughts.
jointly a document issued jointly by the Treasury and the Home Office
immediately, promptly He left the company and promptly issued a writ claiming $45 million in damages.
PREP. against (formal) Arrest warrants were issued against 16 of the protesters.
on behalf of a statement issued on behalf of the UN Secretary-General
to The new guidelines have been issued to all doctors.
with Some of the police were issued with rifles.
PHRASES newly issued newly issued banknotes

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discuss/debate an issue
They met to discuss the issue of working conditions at the factory.
raise an issue/bring up an issue (=say an issue should be discussed)
Some important issues were raised at the meeting.
deal with/tackle an issue (also address an issue formal)
The government must deal with the issue of gun crime.
The company said that it will address the issue at the next scheduled board meeting.
decide/settle/resolve an issue (=solve it)
The issue was settled after some tough negotiations.
No deadline has been set to resolve the issue.
face an issue (=accept that an issue exists and deal with it)
Politicians seem to be reluctant to face the issue.
avoid/evade an issue (also dodge/duck an issue informal) (=avoid discussing an issue)
There is no point in evading the issue any longer.
confuse/cloud/muddy the issue (=make an issue more difficult to understand or deal with than it needs to be)
You must not let your feelings cloud the issue.
highlight an issue (=bring attention to it)
The minister used his speech to highlight the issue of global warming.
an issue comes up (also an issue arises formal) (=people started to discuss it)
The issue arose during a meeting of the Budget Committee.
the issues surrounding something
This chapter discusses the ethical issues surrounding genetically modified foods.
a political/social/economic etc issue
They discussed a number of political issues.
an important issue
The committee met several times to discuss this important issue.
a key/major/big issue (=very important)
For me, the big issue is cost.
a difficult/complex issue
He was able to grasp complex issues quickly.
a controversial/sensitive issue (=an issue that causes strong feelings and arguments)
Abortion is a controversial issue.
a thorny issue (also a vexed issue formal) (=a difficult one that causes disagreement)
Illegal immigration is always a thorny issue.
a burning issue (=a very important and urgent issue)
For country-dwellers, transport is a burning issue.
wider issues (=more general issues, that affect more people or things)
This is a question that raises much wider issues.
a topical issue (=an issue that is important at the present time)
The magazine discusses topical issues in science.
the underlying issue (=the cause, or a more important problem that is related to something)
This research explores some of the underlying issues related to high unemployment.
a fundamental issue (=a basic and important issue)
Decisions still need to be made about some fundamental issues.
an unresolved issue (=that has not been dealt with)
A number of unresolved issues remain before the treaty can be signed.
a range of issues
A range of issues were debated at the meeting.
something is not the issue spoken (=something is not the most important problem or part)
Price alone is not the issue.

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See: at issue , take issue

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