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itchy /ˈɪtʃi/ adjective (comparative itchier, superlative itchiest)

خارش دار
Synonyms: impatient, eager, edgy, fidgety, restive, restless, unsettled

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itchy /ˈɪtʃi/ adjective (comparative itchier, superlative itchiest)

1. if part of your body is itchy, it feels slightly unpleasant and you want to rub it with your nails:
My eyes sometimes get red and itchy in the summer.
an itchy rash

2. if clothes are itchy, they make your skin feel slightly unpleasant, so that you want to rub your skin with your nails Synonym : scratchy:
These tights are all itchy.

3. wanting to go somewhere new or do something different:
He’s had that job now for about eight years, and he’s starting to get itchy.
I’ve only been back home for a few months and I’ve already got itchy feet (=the desire to go somewhere new).

4. itchy fingers informal someone with itchy fingers is likely to steal things:
I tucked the bills deep into my pocket, away from itchy fingers.
—itchiness noun [uncountable]

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