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jail (also gaol) /dʒeɪl/ noun [uncountable and countable]

زندان ، محبس ، حبس کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: محبس ، علوم نظامی: زندانی کردن
- prison, nick (Brit. slang), penitentiary (U.S.), reformatory, slammer (slang)
- imprison, confine, detain, incarcerate, lock up, send down
Antonyms: release
Related Idioms: house of correction
English Thesaurus: prison, jail, gaol, penitentiary, correctional facility, ...

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I. jail1 (also gaol British English) /dʒeɪl/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: jaiole, from Latin caveola, from cavea 'cage']
a place where criminals are kept as part of their punishment, or where people who have been charged with a crime are kept before they are judged in a law court Synonym : prison:
He’s been in jail for three months already.

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II. jail2 (also gaol British English) verb [transitive]
to put someone in jail Synonym : imprison
jail somebody for something
Watson was jailed for tax evasion.
jail somebody for two months/six years/life etc
They ought to jail her killer for life.

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gaol) noun
ADJ. county, local | high-security, maximum security, top security | private | overcrowded
VERB + JAIL go to He's gone to jail for fraud.
put sb in, send sb to, throw sb into | keep sb in | be freed from, be/get out of, be released from With good behaviour, she could be out of jail in two years.
escape from | threaten sb with He was threatened with jail if evidence of a hoax was discovered.
face | avoid, escape She avoided jail by pleading self-defence.
JAIL + NOUN sentence, term
PREP. at a/the ~ riots at Strangeways jail
in (a/the) ~ How long has she been in jail? There was a fire in the jail last night.

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go to jail
They’re going to jail for a long time.
send somebody to jail
The judge sent Meyer to jail for six years.
put somebody in jail
The government would put him in jail if he stayed in the country.
throw somebody in jail (=put somebody in jail)
Drunks were thrown in jail for a few days.
spend time/three months/six years etc in jail
Griffiths spent three days in jail after pushing a policeman.
serve time/five years etc in jail (=spend time in jail)
He was finally released after serving 27 years in jail.
get out of jail
He got out of jail after five years for armed robbery.
release somebody from jail
More than 30 of those arrested were released from jail for lack of evidence.
escape from jail
The killer has escaped from jail.
the local jail
The suspects were taken to the local jail.
a town/city/county jail
He was held without bail for thirty days in the county jail.
a high-/top-/maximum-security jail
Some inmates at the high-security jail had been wrongfully imprisoned.
a jail sentence
He’s serving a 7-year jail sentence.
a jail term (=period of time in jail)
He served only half of his three-month jail term.
a jail cell
The suspect was found dead in his jail cell.

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