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ˈjam ˌsession (also jam) noun [countable]
jam /dʒæm/ noun

سد گیرنده پاس ، گیر کردن ، سفت شدن ، مانع مخابره شدن ، مربا ، فشردگی ، چپاندن ، فرو کردن ، گنجاندن (با زور و فشار) ، متراکم کردن ، شلوغ کردن (با امد و شد زیاد) ، بستن ، مسدود کردن ، وضع بغرنج ، پارازیت دادن ، علوم مهندسی: پارازیت ، ورزش: گرفتن شکاف کوه با انگشت ، علوم نظامی: پخش پارازیت کردن در مدار
- pack, cram, force, press, ram, squeeze, stuff, wedge
- crowd, crush, throng
- congest, block, clog, obstruct, stall, stick
- predicament, deep water, fix (informal), hole (slang), hot water, pickle (informal), tight spot, trouble
Related Words: tamp, wad, jelly, marmalade

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I. ˈjam ˌsession (also jam) noun [countable]
an occasion when jazz or rock musicians play music together in an informal way

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II. jam1 S3 /dʒæm/ noun

1. FOOD [uncountable and countable] a thick sweet substance made from boiled fruit and sugar, eaten especially on bread ⇒ jelly:
strawberry jam
a jam sandwich
jam jars

2. CARS/PEOPLE [countable] a situation in which it is difficult or impossible to move because there are so many cars or people:
Sorry we’re late. We got stuck in a traffic jam.

3. MACHINE [countable] a situation in which a machine does not work because something is stopping a part from moving:
It caused a jam in the printer.

4. DIFFICULT SITUATION [countable usually singular] informal a difficult situation
(be/get) in/out of/into a jam
We became friends after he helped me out of a jam.

5. MUSIC [countable]
a) a jam session
b) a song or piece of music, especially one by a rap or rock group

6. kick out the jams American English informal to play rock music loudly and with a lot of energy or emotion:
Make no mistake – these guys know how to kick out the jams.

7. jam tomorrow British English informal good things someone promises you, which never happen:
There is an element of ‘jam tomorrow’ about some of the government’s policies.

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III. jam2 verb (past tense and past participle jammed, present participle jamming)
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: Perhaps copying the action]

1. PUSH HARD [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to push something somewhere using a lot of force, until it can move no further:
He jammed his foot on the accelerator and the car sped off.
A chair had been jammed up against the door.

2. MACHINE [intransitive and transitive] (also jam up) if a moving part of something jams, or if you jam it, it no longer works properly because something is preventing it from moving:
The front roller has jammed on the photocopier.

3. BLOCK [intransitive and transitive] (also jam up) if a lot of people or vehicles jam a place, they fill it so that it is difficult to move Synonym : cram:
Crowds jammed the entrance to the stadium.
jam into
They all jammed into the car.jammed(2)

4. MUSIC [intransitive] (also jam out) to play music in an informal way with other people ⇒ jam session

5. jam on the brakes to slow down a car suddenly by putting your foot down hard on the brake

6. jam sb’s/the switchboard if telephone calls jam the switchboard of an organization, so many people are phoning the organization that it cannot deal with them all:
Viewers jammed the switchboard with complaints.

7. RADIO [transitive] to deliberately prevent broadcasts or other electronic signals from being received, by broadcasting signals on the same wavelength

8. somebody is jamming American English spoken used to say that someone is doing something very quickly or well
jam out phrasal verb
to dance to music

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ADJ. home-made | plum, strawberry, etc.
QUANT. dollop | jar, pot
VERB + JAM make | spread (sth with) She spread the toast thinly with raspberry jam.
JAM + NOUN jar | doughnut, sandwich, sponge, tart
PHRASES bread and jam
 ⇒ Special page at FOOD

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ADV. completely
PHRASES be jammed full (of sth) The cupboards were jammed full of old newspapers.
be jammed solid The traffic was jammed solid in the city centre.
be jammed tight with sth The room is jammed tight with furniture.
be jammed (up) with The streets were completely jammed with traffic.

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