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jealous /ˈdʒeləs/ adjective

حسود ، رشک مند ، رشک ورز ، غیور ، بارشک ، رشک بر
- envious, covetous, desirous, green, grudging, resentful
- wary, mistrustful, protective, suspicious, vigilant, watchful
Contrasted words: tolerant, trusting, understanding
Related Words: covetous, demanding, grasping, grudging, envious, green-eyed, invidious, mistrustful, suspicious, doubting, questioning
English Thesaurus: jealous, envious, green with envy, covetou

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jealous /ˈdʒeləs/ adjective
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: jelous, from Late Latin zelus; zeal]

1. feeling unhappy because someone has something that you wish you had ⇒ envious
jealous of
Why are you so jealous of his success?
You’re just jealous of her.
Do not say ‘jealous about’ someone or something or ‘jealous with’ someone. Say jealous of someone or something.

2. feeling angry and unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person, or another person is showing interest in them:
She gets jealous if I even look at another woman.
He was talking to Nina to make me jealous.
jealous husband/wife/lover etc

3. jealous of something formal wanting to keep or protect something that you have, because you are proud of it:
a country jealous of its heritage

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VERBS be, feel, sound | become, get, grow | make sb Ignore her?she's only trying to make you jealous.
ADV. bitterly, furiously, insanely, madly, really, very I can remember feeling madly jealous when he was with other women.
a bit, a little, quite, rather | obsessively Peter was obsessively jealous and his behaviour was driving his wife away.
PREP. about There's nothing for you to feel jealous about.
of She was rather jealous of me. He had started to get jealous of her success.

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BAD: Although I'm jealous about his achievements, he is my brother and I'm proud of him.
GOOD: Although I'm jealous of his achievements, he is my brother and I'm proud of him.

Usage Note:
jealous of sb/sth : 'It's very common for older children to be jealous of a new baby.'

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