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jewellery , jewelry /ˈdʒuːəlri/ noun [uncountable]

jeweller: جواهر ساز ، جواهر فروش
Synonyms: jewels, finery, gems, ornaments, regalia, treasure, trinkets

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jewellery British English, jewelry American English /ˈdʒuːəlri/ noun [uncountable]
small things that you wear for decoration, such as rings or necklaces:
She wears a lot of gold jewelry.costume jewellery

Jewellery is an uncountable noun and has no plural form. Use a singular verb after it:
All her jewellery was taken. You can refer to one or more pieces/items of jewellery:
She also lost several pieces of jewellery.

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ADJ. expensive, valuable | cheap | beautiful, fine | costume (= which may be designed to look expensive but is made with cheap materials) | designer | antique | family, personal She inherited the family jewellery.
diamond, gold, etc.
QUANT. piece
VERB + JEWELLERY wear | make | design | steal
JEWELLERY + NOUN box, case | shop | design | designer
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BAD: She had bought the ring at a jewellery.
GOOD: She had bought the ring at a jeweller's.
BAD: I saw the same watch in a jewellery shop.
GOOD: I saw the same watch in a jeweller's.

Usage Note:
jewellery = rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc: 'The stolen jewellery has never been recovered.'
jeweller's = a shop which sells and repairs jewellery: 'I took the watch to my local jeweller's but they said it couldn't be repaired.'

BAD: You should keep expensive jewelleries in a bank or safe.
GOOD: You should keep expensive jewellery in a bank or safe.

Usage Note:
Jewellery is an uncountable noun: 'The thieves took nothing but cash and jewellery.'

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