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joy /dʒɔɪ/ noun

خوشی ، سرور ، مسرت ، حظ ، شادی کردن ، خوشحالی کردن ، لذت بردن از ، روانشناسی: شادی
Synonyms: delight, bliss, ecstasy, elation, gaiety, glee, pleasure, rapture, satisfaction
Antonyms: sorrow, misery
Related Words: ecstasy, rapture, transport
English Thesaurus: happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness, satisfaction, contentment, ...

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I. joy1 W3 /dʒɔɪ/ noun
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: joie, from Latin gaudia]

1. [uncountable] great happiness and pleasure:
the look of joy on her face
with/for joy
I leaped into the air with joy.
She wept for joy.
I didn’t exactly jump for joy (=I was not very pleased) when I heard the news.

Joy is used especially in literature. In everyday English, rather than say they did something with joy, people usually say that they were (really) pleased/happy/glad to do it:
Thank you for your letter. I was really pleased to get it.

2. [countable] something or someone that gives you happiness and pleasure
joy of
one of the joys of travelling alone
The garden was his pride and joy.
be a joy to watch/drive/use etc
The children’s singing was a joy to listen to.

3. no joy British English spoken if you have no joy, you do not succeed in getting something:
I phoned the pub, but no joy. The landlord didn’t know where she was.

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II. joy2 verb [intransitive] literary
to be happy because of something

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ADJ. delirious, ecstatic, fierce, great, heady, overwhelming, pure, real, sheer, true, wild, wonderful | simple | sudden | inner | physical the physical joys of fine wines and gourmet foods
VERB + JOY bring sb Her books have brought great joy to millions of people.
experience, feel the pure joy I felt at being free again
be filled with, be full of | express | find, get, take I find joy in many kinds of music. She got no joy out of working. I took a fierce joy in telling them the truth.
JOY + VERB go All the joy had gone out of his life.
PREP. to your ~ She found to her joy that the house had a large garden.
with ~ I could have shouted with joy.
~ at Protesters expressed joy at the government's decision.
PHRASES dance, jump, sing, weep, etc. for joy I literally jumped for joy when I heard the news.
a joy to behold, see, watch, etc. The children's expressions were a joy to behold.
your pride and joy (= a person or thing that makes you feel great pride or satisfaction) The pride and joy of the town is the splendid castle.
tears of joy

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be filled with joy/be full of joy
I was full of joy at the thought of seeing her again.
tears of joy
She began to cry again, but they were tears of joy.
a feeling of joy
A feeling of total joy swept over him.
a sense of joy
I’ll never forget the sense of joy that day.
a look of joy
There was a look of joy on their faces.
shouts/cries of joy
They greeted each other with cries of joy.
great joy
To her great joy, she became the mother of two beautiful baby girls.
pure/sheer/complete joy (=a lot of joy, not mixed with other feelings)
It was a moment of pure joy.
overwhelming joy formal (=very great joy)
She experienced a feeling of overwhelming joy.
true/real joy
How can I find true joy in life?
bring joy to somebody (=make someone feel joy)
Her children have brought her great joy.
give (somebody) joy
His music has given people a lot of joy over the years.
feel/experience joy
He had never felt the joy of watching the seasons come and go.
be jumping for joy (=be very pleased about something)
She tried to stay calm, but she was secretly jumping for joy.
express your joy (=show it)
They expressed their joy by jumping up and down and hugging each other.

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