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jumble /ˈdʒʌmbəl/ noun
jumble (also jumble up) verb [transitive often passive]

کیک کوچک شبیه حلقه ، درهم امیختگی ، شلوغی ، تکان تکان خوردن ، سواری کردن
- muddle, clutter, confusion, disarray, disorder, mess, mishmash, mixture
- mix, confuse, disorder, disorganize, mistake, muddle, shuffle
English Thesaurus: jumble, mishmash, hodgepodge, mix, combine, ...

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I. jumble1 /ˈdʒʌmbəl/ noun

1. [singular] a lot of different things mixed together in an untidy way, without any order
jumble of
a jumble of old toys
Inside, she was a jumble of emotions.

2. [uncountable] British English things to be sold at a jumble sale Synonym : rummage American English

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II. jumble2 (also jumble up) verb [transitive often passive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps copying the action]
to mix things together in an untidy way, without any order:
The photographs were all jumbled up.
Ben’s words became jumbled.

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