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kindly /ˈkaɪndli/ adverb

مهربان ، خوش خلق ، دلپذیر ، ملایم ، لطفا از روی مرحمت
- good-natured, benevolent, benign, compassionate, helpful, kind, pleasant, sympathetic, warm
- politely, agreeably, cordially, graciously, tenderly, thoughtfully
Antonyms: unkindly, acrid (of temper, attitudes, comments)
Contrasted words: malevolent, malicious, malign, spiteful
Related Words: gracious, sociable, friendly, neighborly, attentive, considerate, thoughtful

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I. kindly1 /ˈkaɪndli/ adverb
[Word Family: adjective: kindunkind, kindly; noun: kindnessunkindness; adverb: kindlyunkindly]

1. in a kind way Synonym : generously
kindly offer/agree/give etc
Mr Nunn has kindly agreed to let us use his barn for the dance.

2. not take kindly to something to be unwilling to accept a situation because it annoys you:
She does not take kindly to criticism.

3. look kindly on somebody/something to approve of someone or something:
Jimmy would probably not look too kindly on our request.

4. spoken formal a word meaning ‘please’, which is often used when you are annoyed:
Will you kindly put that book back?

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II. kindly2 adjective old-fashioned
[Word Family: adjective: kindunkind, kindly; noun: kindnessunkindness; adverb: kindlyunkindly]
kind and caring for other people:
Mrs Gardiner was a kindly old soul.
—kindliness noun [uncountable]

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BAD: You are very kindly to spare me so much of your time.
GOOD: You are very kind to spare me so much of your time.
BAD: She is always very kindly and helpful.
GOOD: She is always very kind and helpful.

Usage Note:
Kindly is nearly always used as an adverb: 'They've kindly offered to lend me their car while they're away.' 'Would you kindly sit down and stop being a nuisance.'

DUBIOUS: I wonder if you would kindly correct my mistakes.
GOOD: I wonder if you could possibly correct my mistakes.
DUBIOUS: Would you kindly open the door?
GOOD: Would you mind opening the door, please?

Usage Note:
Kindly is used to mean 'please' only in formal styles. When used inappropriately, it can sound sarcastic or even express anger: 'Would you kindly keep your hands to yourself.'

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See: take kindly to

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