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kiss /kɪs/ verb
kiss noun [countable]

کارامبول ، بوسیدن ، بوسه زدن ، ماچ کردن ، ورزش: برخورد اهسته یک گوی بیلیارد با گوی دیگر
- osculate, neck (informal), peck (informal)
- brush, glance, graze, scrape, touch
- osculation, peck (informal), smacker (slang)

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I. kiss1 S3 W3 /kɪs/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: cyssan]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to touch someone with your lips as a greeting, to show them love, or as part of a sexual relationship:
Maggie leaned forward and kissed her cheek.
Georgina took him in her arms and kissed him on the lips.
Jim and Mary kissed (=they kissed each other).
kiss somebody gently/lightly
He kissed her gently and stroked her hair.
kiss somebody goodbye/good night etc
Kiss Daddy good night.

2. [transitive] to touch something with your lips as a sign of respect:
She raised the crucifix to her lips and kissed it.

3. kiss goodbye to something/kiss something goodbye informal to accept that you will lose something or lose an opportunity to do something:
She knew if she concentrated on her marriage she could kiss her career goodbye.

4. kiss something better spoken used, especially to a child, to say that you will take away the pain of something by kissing them:
Here, let Mommy kiss it better.

5. kiss my ass American English informal not polite an insulting expression used to show that you do not respect someone

6. kiss (sb’s) ass American English informal not polite to be too nice to someone who can give you something you want – used to show disapproval

7. [transitive] literary if the wind, sun etc kisses something, it gently moves or touches it
kiss up to somebody phrasal verb American English informal
to try to please someone in order to get them to do something for you – used to show disapproval Synonym : suck up to British English:
If you say that, it’ll look like you’re kissing up to me.

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II. kiss2 noun [countable]

1. an act of kissing:
Do you remember your first kiss?

2. give somebody the kiss of life especially British English to make someone start breathing again by blowing air into their lungs when they have almost drowned etc

3. the kiss of death informal something that spoils or ruins a plan, activity etc
French kiss

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ADJ. brief, quick, swift | lingering, long | gentle, light, soft | big, smacking | hard | sloppy | affectionate, loving, tender, warm | ardent, hungry, passionate | brotherly, chaste, friendly, innocent, sisterly | farewell, goodbye, goodnight
VERB + KISS give sb He gave his daughter a gentle kiss on the forehead.
drop, plant, press She planted a big kiss on his cheek.
steal The children hid behind the bike shed to steal a kiss.
return She returned his kiss with passion.
deepen | blow (sb) As the train drew away he blew her a kiss.
KISS + VERB deepen His kiss deepened and became hungrier.
PREP. with a ~ | ~ on He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.
PHRASES give sb the kiss of life A policeman pulled the man out of the river and gave him the kiss of life.
hugs and kisses We were greeted with hugs and kisses.
the kiss of death That TV commercial was the kiss of death to his career as a serious actor.

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ADV. gently, lightly | lovingly, softly, tenderly | deeply, fiercely, firmly, hard, hungrily, passionately, soundly, violently | briefly, quickly | lingeringly, long He kissed her long and hard on the mouth.
VERB + KISS bend to, stoop to He bent to kiss her again.
try to | let sb
PREP. on She let him kiss her lightly on the cheek.
PHRASES kiss and cuddle The love-struck pair have been spotted kissing and cuddling at parties.
kiss sb full on the lips/mouth, kiss sb goodbye/goodnight, kiss goodbye to sth (figurative) Well, you can kiss goodbye to your chances of promotion.

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give somebody a kiss
I always give the kids a kiss before they go to school.
Come and give Mummy a kiss good night.
blow somebody a kiss (=to kiss your hand and then blow across it towards someone)
Joe blew her a kiss and waved goodbye.
plant a kiss on somebody's cheek/forehead etc (=to kiss someone on their cheek etc)
Stephen planted a kiss on his daughter’s forehead.
a big/little kiss
She put her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.
a quick kiss
He gave her a quick kiss before leaving for work.
a gentle/tender kiss
She could still feel that last tender kiss.
a passionate kiss
She gave him a passionate kiss.
a long/lingering kiss
He gave her a a long, slow, lingering kiss.
a sloppy kiss (=a kiss with rather wet lips)
Her little boy gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek.
a farewell/goodnight kiss (=when saying goodbye or goodnight to someone)
Don’t go to bed without your goodnight kiss!
your first kiss
Where were you when you had your first kiss?
a French kiss (=a sexual kiss using your tongue)
The couple shared a lingering French kiss.
love and kisses (=used at the end of a letter )
See you soon. Lots of love and kisses from Anna.

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