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knife /naɪf/ noun (plural knives /naɪvz/) [countable]

Irregular Forms: (pl) knives

(vt.& vi.) چاقو زدن (به) ، کارد زدن (به)
(n.) چاقو ، کارد ، گزلیک ، تیغه
- blade, cutter
- cut, lacerate, pierce, slash, stab, wound

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I. knife1 S3 W3 /naɪf/ noun (plural knives /naɪvz/) [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: cnif]

1. a metal blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon ⇒ scalpel:
a knife and fork
Some young people are carrying knives to defend themselves.
a kitchen knife
Use a sharp knife to cut the melon into sections.carving knife, flick knife, palette knife, paper knife, penknife

2. the knives are out (for somebody) informal used to say that people are being extremely unfriendly in criticizing someone:
The knives are out for the vice president.

3. twist/turn the knife (in the wound) to say something that makes someone more upset about a subject they are already unhappy about

4. stick/put etc the knife in/into someone British English informal to dislike someone and be very unfriendly towards them

5. under the knife informal having a medical operation

6. you could cut the atmosphere/air/tension with a knife used to say that you felt the people in a room were angry with each other

7. like a (hot) knife through butter informal used to say that something happens or is done very easily, without any problems

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II. knife2 verb [transitive]
to put a knife into someone’s body Synonym : stab:
She had been knifed to death.
—knifing noun [countable]

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I. tool for cutting
ADJ. blunt, sharp | long | bone, bone-handled, silver, steel | bread, butcher's, carving, craft, fish, flick, hunting, kitchen, palette, pocket, sheath, Stanley(R), surgeon's, table
QUANT. set a set of kitchen knives
VERB + KNIFE pick up She picked up her knife and fork and started to eat.
lay down, put down | use Use a sharp knife to cut away the spare pastry.
sharpen | hold
KNIFE + VERB cut That knife doesn't cut very well?it needs sharpening.
KNIFE + NOUN blade, handle
PREP. with a/the ~ The lines can be cut with a craft knife.
PHRASES the blade of a knife, the handle of a knife, a knife and fork

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II. used as a weapon
ADJ. long, sharp
VERB + KNIFE be armed with, carry, have She carries a knife in her bag now.
brandish, wield | draw (out), produce, pull (out), take out He suddenly pulled a knife on me.
come at sb with, stab sb with, threaten sb with She stabbed him in the back with a 12-inch knife.
plunge, push, put, stick He plunged the knife deep into her heart.
sharpen, whet
KNIFE + VERB cut | clatter As he fell, the knife clattered to the floor.
KNIFE + NOUN attack a frenzied knife attack
wound | blade
PREP. with a/the ~
PHRASES the blade of a knife, the hilt of a knife, hold a knife against/at/to sb's throat, a knife in sb's heart (figurative) Each word he uttered was a knife in her heart.
put a knife to sb's throat She put the knife to his throat to frighten him into silence.

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Be careful using that knife - it's very sharp.
blunt (=not sharp)
The knife was so blunt it wouldn't cut anything.
a bread knife
Will you pass me the bread knife?
a kitchen knife (=a long knife used for cutting vegetables etc)
Every chef has his own set of kitchen knives.
a carving knife (=for cutting meat)
Dad always used to sharpen the carving knife.
a pocket knife (=a small knife that you carry with you)
He was armed with nothing but a pocket knife.
a knife wound
She died from a single knife wound.
a knife attack
He was sentenced to 9 years in prison for a knife attack.
knife crime (=crimes in which people are attacked with knives)
Knife crime is on the increase.
the blade of a knife
The blade of the knife cut cleanly through the rope.
the handle of a knife
His hand reached down to the handle of his knife.
carry a knife (=have it with you)
The campaign warns young people about the dangers of carrying knives.
be armed with a knife (=have it with you)
One of the men was armed with a knife.
hold a knife
In his hand, he held a long knife.
threaten somebody with a knife
The girls were threatened with a knife.
brandish/wield a knife (=wave it around in a threatening way)
A man brandishing a knife burst into the room.
sharpen a knife (=make it sharper)
What's the best way to sharpen a knife?

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