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knit /nɪt/ verb (present participle knitting) [intransitive and transitive]

بافتن ، کشبافی کردن ، بهم پیوستن ، گره زدن ، بستن
- join, bind, fasten, intertwine, link, tie, unite, weave
- wrinkle, crease, furrow, knot, pucker

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knit /nɪt/ verb (present participle knitting) [intransitive and transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: cnyttan]

1. (past tense and past participle knitted) to make clothing out of wool, using two knitting needlescrochet:
My grandmother taught me how to knit.
She’s knitting a sweater.
knit somebody something
Emily knitted him some socks.

2. (past tense and past participle knitted) to use a plain (=basic) knitting stitch:
Knit one, purl one.

3. (past tense and past participle knit) to join people, things, or ideas more closely together, or to be joined closely together
knit together
In a good report, individual sentences knit together in a clear way that readers can follow.
closely/tightly etc knit (=with all the members having close relationships)
a closely knit community
Harold is part of a tightly knit team.

4. (past tense and past participle knit) a bone that knits after being broken grows into one piece again
knit together
The pin holds the bones in place while they knit together.

5. knit your brows to show you are worried, thinking hard etc by moving your eyebrows together
—knitter noun [countable]
close-knit, tight-knit

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See: close-knit

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