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label /ˈleɪbəl/ noun [countable]

اتیکت چسباندن ، اتیکت ، متمم سند یا نوشته ، تکه باریک ، لقب ، اصطلاح خاص ، برچسب زدن ، طبقه بندی کردن ، کامپیوتر: مطلب ، علوم نظامی: برچسب زدن علامت زدن
الکترونیک: برچسب ، برچسب زدن ، مطلب ، کامپیوتر: برچسب ، اتیکت چسباندن ، برچسب زدن علامت زدن ، علوم نظامی: برچسب ، اتیکت ، متمم سند یا نوشته ، تکه باریک ، لقب ، اصطلاح خاص ، برچسب زدن ، طبقه بندی کردن کامپیوتر: برچسب کامپیوتر: برچسب

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- tag, marker, sticker, ticket
- mark, stamp, tag
Related Words: mark, marker

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I. label1 S3 W3 AC /ˈleɪbəl/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: 'long narrow piece of cloth']

1. a piece of paper or another material that is attached to something and gives information about it ⇒ care label:
a luggage label
on the label
It says ‘Dry clean’ on the label.

2. a word or phrase which is used to describe a person, group, or thing, but which is unfair or not correct:
Men these days have to avoid attracting the ‘sexist’ label.

3. a record company:
their new release on the Ace Sounds label

4. designer label clothes made by fashionable companies:
Fancy designer labels tend to come with fancy price tags to match.
own label

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II. label2 AC verb (past tense and past participle labelled, present participle labelling British English, labeled, labeling American English) [transitive]

1. to attach a label onto something or write information on something:
Label the diagram clearly.
label something sth
The file was labelled ‘Top Secret’.
label something with something
Each bag of seeds is labelled with the grower’s name.

2. to use a word or phrase to describe someone or something, but often unfairly or incorrectly
label somebody/something (as) something
The newspapers had unjustly labelled him a troublemaker.
The regime was inevitably labelled as ‘communist’.

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I. paper, etc. attached to sth
ADJ. adhesive, sticky | designer clothes with a designer label
address, luggage | price | warning
VERB + LABEL bear, carry, have It doesn't have a price label on it.
attach, put on, stick on She stuck labels on all the jars.
remove, take off | read Always read the label before taking any medicine.
PREP. on a/the ~ What does it say on the label?
~ on the label on the bottle

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II. description
VERB + LABEL apply, attach, use One sometimes feels that the label ‘classic’ is applied to any book that is dull.

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III. company that produces records
ADJ. record | major | independent
VERB + LABEL sign to/with The band are hoping to sign with a major label by the end of the year.
PREP. under a/the ~ The record was produced under the Virgin label.

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I. put a label on sth
ADV. correctly, properly | wrongly Some of the plants were wrongly labelled.
carefully, clearly, neatly a pile of small plastic bags, each carefully labelled
PREP. with The samples were all labelled with a date and place of origin.

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II. describe sb/sth as a particular thing
ADV. falsely, wrongly She was wrongly labelled a liar.
PREP. as She had automatically labelled the boys as troublemakers.

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