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lack /læk/ noun [singular, uncountable]

عدم ، کمبود ، نبودن ، نداشتن ، احتیاج ، فقدان ، کسری ، فاقد بودن ، ناقص بودن ، کم داشتن ، علوم مهندسی: نیازمندی ، علوم نظامی: نبودن
- shortage, absence, dearth, deficiency, need, scarcity, want
- need, be deficient in, be short of, be without, miss, require, want
Contrasted words: enjoy, have, hold, own, possess

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I. lack1 S3 W2 /læk/ noun [singular, uncountable]
when there is not enough of something, or none of it Synonym : shortage Antonym : surplus
lack of
new parents suffering from lack of sleep
Too many teachers are treated with a lack of respect.
comments based on a total lack of information
Does their apparent lack of progress mean they are not doing their job properly?
tours that are cancelled for lack of bookings
There was no lack of willing helpers.
health problems linked to poor diet and a relative lack of exercise

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II. lack2 W3 verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Middle Dutch; Origin: laken]

1. [transitive] to not have something that you need, or not have enough of it:
Alex’s real problem is that he lacks confidence.
Do not use ‘in’ or ‘of’ after the verb lack: We lack ideas (NOT We lack in/of ideas). However, you can use these prepositions after be lacking in and a lack: We are lacking in ideas. | There is a lack of ideas.

2. not lack for something formal to have a lot of something:
He does not lack for critics.

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ADJ. profound, serious, severe | conspicuous, distinct, notable, obvious There was a distinct lack of urgency in his manner.
complete, sheer, total a complete lack of confidence
relative | abysmal an abysmal lack of knowledge
PREP. by ~ of The situation was worsened by lack of communication.
for ~ of They lost the game, but not for lack of trying.
from ~ of She thought she would collapse from lack of sleep.
through ~ of I've lost those skills through lack of practice.
~ of I couldn't hide my lack of enthusiasm.
PHRASES no lack of sth There is certainly no lack of interest in the subject.

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ADV. really | completely, entirely She completely lacks confidence.
apparently He apparently lacked the desire to learn.
clearly, conspicuously, manifestly, obviously | simply Perhaps you simply lack the intelligence to realize just how serious this is?
otherwise Her high-heeled shoes gave her the height she otherwise lacked.
somehow His claim somehow lacked conviction.
VERB + LACK appear to, seem to His life seemed to lack direction.

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a complete/total lack of something
I was amazed by his almost total lack of interest in music.
a relative/comparative lack of something
There is a relative lack of research into this medical condition.
a distinct/marked/conspicuous lack of something (=very noticeable)
She looked at him with a marked lack of enthusiasm.
an apparent lack of something (=one that seems to exist)
Adam's apparent lack of concern angered his brother.
there is no lack of something (=there is plenty of it)
There is no lack of information on the subject.

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BAD: At school I used to lack in confidence.
GOOD: At school I used to lack confidence.
BAD: She certainly doesn't lack of enthusiasm.
GOOD: She certainly doesn't lack enthusiasm.

Usage Note:
Do not confuse lack sth (verb + object, WITHOUT in/of ) with be lacking in sth and (a) lack of sth : 'He lacks the confidence to start his own business.' 'At school he was found to be lacking in confidence.' 'She certainly doesn't show any lack of confidence.' 'I think I'm suffering from a lack of sleep.'

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BAD: The room was fine except for a total lack of radio and television.
GOOD: The room was fine except that there was no radio or television.
BAD: Someone noticed the lack of salad dressing.
GOOD: Someone noticed that there wasn't any salad dressing.

Usage Note:
Lack is mainly used with abstract nouns: 'a lack of support/sympathy/ freedom/sleep/energy'
Avoid using lack with concrete nouns: 'We don't have any envelopes.' 'We're short of envelopes.' 'There aren't enough envelopes.'

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