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lady /ˈleɪdi/ noun (plural ladies) [countable]

بانو ، خانم ، زوجه ، رئیسه خانه
- gentlewoman, dame
- woman, female
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Lady, The trademark
a rather old-fashioned British magazine for women, typically read by older, upper-class women. It also contains advertisements for servants and nannies(nanny).

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lady S1 W2 /ˈleɪdi/ noun (plural ladies) [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hlæfdige, from hlaf 'bread' + -dige 'one who kneads']

a) a woman of a particular type or age
young/old/elderly etc lady
b) a word meaning woman, used especially to describe women’s sports or products made for women
ladies’ team/champion/championship etc
the ladies’ darts team
ladies’ fashion/clothing/shoes etc
ladies’ underwear
c) a word meaning woman, used in order to be polite ⇒ gentleman:
The young lady at reception sent me up here.
Give your coat to the lady over there.
lady doctor/lawyer etc (=a polite word, which many women find offensive, for a woman doctor, lawyer, etc)

Lady often sounds old-fashioned, especially when it is used about younger women. In everyday English, people usually say woman:
His cousin is a 26-year-old woman who works in a kindergarten.

2. a woman who is polite and behaves very well ⇒ gentleman:
She knows how to behave like a lady.

3. Lady used as the title of the wife or daughter of a British nobleman or the wife of a knight:
Lady Spencer

4. the ladies
a) British English a women’s toilet Synonym : ladies’ room American Englishthe gents’
b) a word meaning women, often used humorously:
His boyish good looks made him a favourite with the ladies.LADIES’ MAN

5. ladies spoken formal used to speak to a group of women:
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?

6. a woman, especially one with a strong character – used to show approval:
She can be a tough lady to negotiate with.

7. lady friend a woman that a man is having a romantic relationship with – often used humorously Synonym : girlfriend:
I saw Chris with his new lady friend.

8. lady of leisure a woman who does not work and has a lot of free time – used humorously:
So you’re a lady of leisure now that the kids are at school?

9. American English spoken used when talking directly to a woman you do not know, when you are angry with her:
Hey, lady, would you mind getting out of my way?

Addressing a woman directly as lady sounds rude. In polite American English, people use Miss or Ma'am instead:
Can I help you, Miss?

10. Our Lady an expression used to mean Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ

11. the lady of the house old-fashioned the most important woman in a house, usually the mother of a family

12. old-fashioned a woman born into a high social class in Britain:
I could see the Queen, surrounded by her lords and ladies.

13. old-fashioned a man’s wife:
the captain and his lady
bag lady, ⇒ cleaning lady at cleaning, ⇒ first lady, ⇒ leading lady at leading1, ⇒ lollipop lady, old lady, ⇒ young lady at young1(3)

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ADJ. elderly, middle-aged, old, young A little old lady opened the door.
attractive, beautiful, lovely, pretty | charming, fine, lovely, nice | cleaning, dinner, tea The school employs four dinner ladies.
LADY + NOUN friend We teased my uncle about his new lady friend.
PHRASES a lady of leisure She's a lady of leisure now that she's retired.
the lady of the house
 ⇒ Note at PEER

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DUBIOUS: At the front of the queue a man and a lady were arguing with the cashier.
GOOD: At the front of the queue a man and a woman were arguing with the cashier.

Usage Note:
Lady is used when you need to be polite, especially in formal styles: 'Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?' 'Please show these ladies the way to the cloakroom.'
The usual word is woman : 'Isn't that the woman who teaches at the International School?'
Note however that old lady is generally preferred to old woman , which sounds impolite: 'Can you help that old lady across the road?'

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