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lament /ləˈment/ verb

تاسف خوردن ، زاریدن ، سوگواری کردن ، سوگواری ، ضجه و زاری کردن
- complain, bemoan, bewail, deplore, grieve, mourn, regret, sorrow, wail, weep
- complaint, lamentation, moan, wailing
- dirge, elegy, requiem, threnody
Antonyms: exult, rejoice

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I. lament1 /ləˈment/ verb written
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: lamenter, from Latin lamentari, from lamentum 'a lament']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to express feelings of great sadness about something:
The nation lamented the death of its great war leader.

2. [transitive] to express annoyance or disappointment about something you think is unsatisfactory or unfair
lament that
He lamented that people had expected too much of him too soon.
She lamented the fact that manufacturers did not produce small packs for single-person households.
lament the lack/absence/decline etc of something
Steiner lamented the lack of public interest in the issue.

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II. lament2 noun [countable]
a song, piece of music, or something that you say, that expresses a feeling of sadness:
A lone piper played a lament.
lament for
a lament for the dead

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