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landscape /ˈlændskeɪp/ noun

(باغداری) خاکبرداری وخیابان بندی کردن ، دورنما ، چشم انداز ، بامنظره تزئین کردن ، معماری: منظره طبیعی ، زیست شناسی: نمای زمین
کامپیوتر: افقی کامپیوتر: افقی

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Synonyms: scenery, countryside, outlook, panorama, prospect, scene, view, vista
English Thesaurus: countryside, the country, landscape, scenery, wilderness, ...

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I. landscape1 W3 /ˈlændskeɪp/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Dutch; Origin: landschap, from land 'land' + -schap '-ship']

1. [countable] an area of countryside or land of a particular type, used especially when talking about its appearance:
the beauty of the New England landscape
rural/industrial/urban etc landscape

[countable] a picture showing an area of countryside or land:
English landscape artists

3. the political/social landscape the general situation in which a particular activity takes place:
Recent electoral shocks have shaken the European political landscape.

4. [uncountable] a way of printing a document in which the long sides are horizontal and the short sides are vertical ⇒ portrait
a blot on the landscape at blot2(2)

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II. landscape2 verb [transitive often passive]
to make a park, garden etc look attractive and interesting by changing its design, and by planting trees and bushes etc:
The area around the mill pond has also been landscaped.
—landscaping noun [uncountable]

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ADJ. barren, bleak, dramatic, rocky, rugged the dramatic landscape of the desert
beautiful | rural, urban an urban landscape of factories and skyscrapers
industrial | winter | lunar | political, social (both figurative) The political landscape of the country has changed since unemployment rose.
VERB + LANDSCAPE conserve, preserve, protect the need to conserve the rural landscape
dominate The power station dominates the landscape.
LANDSCAPE + NOUN architect, gardener | design, gardening | painter, photographer | painting

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BAD: Lots of kings chose to live here because of the beautiful landscape.
GOOD: Lots of kings chose to live here because of the beautiful scenery.
BAD: The landscape surrounding the village is really beautiful.
GOOD: The scenery surrounding the village is really beautiful.

Usage Note:
landscape = (a view, painting or photograph of) a wide area of land, especially in the countryside: 'Having reached the top of the hill, we sat and admired the landscape that stretched far into the distance.' 'Constable is known for his beautiful Suffolk landscapes.'
scenery = the natural features of the countryside (hills, valleys, fields etc) considered in terms of their beauty, especially those seen from a particular place: 'The train journey takes you through some breathtaking scenery.' 'Cycling means that you can get fit and enjoy the scenery at the same time.'

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