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lapse /læps/ noun [countable]
lapse verb [intransitive]

ارتداد ، سلب سلب یا ساقط یا زایل شدن ، لغزش ، خطا ، برگشت ، انحراف موقت ، انصراف ، گذشت زمان ، زوال ، سپری شدن ، انقضاء ، استفاده از مرور زمان ، ترک اولی ، الحاد ، خرف شدن ، سهو و نسیان کردن ، از مدافتادن ، مشمول مرور زمان شدن ، عمران: فاصله زمانی ، قانون ـ فقه: منقضی شدن ، روانشناسی: فراموشی لحظه ای
- mistake, error, failing, fault, indiscretion, negligence, omission, oversight, slip
- interval, break, breathing space, gap, intermission, interruption, lull, pause
- drop, decline, deterioration, fall
- drop, decline, degenerate, deteriorate, fall, sink, slide, slip
- end, expire, run out, stop, terminate
Contrasted words: advance, progress, development, maturation, amendment, betterment, improvement, develop, mature, amend, mend, better, improve
Related Words: crime, offense, sin, vice, failing, foible, frailty, breach, transgression, trespass, violation, decadence, declension, decline, degeneration, deterioration, devolution, recession, retrogradation, regression, retrogression, return, revert, slide, slip, degenerate, deteriorate, subside, descend, recede, retrograde, apostatize

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I. lapse1 /læps/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: lapsus, from labi 'to slip']

1. a short period of time during which you fail to do something well or properly, often caused by not being careful
momentary/temporary/occasional etc lapse
Despite the occasional lapse, this was a fine performance by the young saxophonist.
A defensive lapse by Keown allowed Tottenham to score.
lapse in
lapses in security
lapse of
A single lapse of concentration cost Sampras the game.
a lapse of judgement
After taking the drug, several patients suffered memory lapses (=when you cannot remember something for a short time).

2. a failure to do something you should do, especially to behave correctly:
He forgot to offer Darren a drink, but Marie did not appear to notice the lapse.

3. [usually singular] a period of time between two events:
The usual time lapse between request and delivery is two days.
lapse of
a lapse of about ten seconds

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II. lapse2 verb [intransitive]

1. to gradually come to an end or to stop for a period of time:
The conversation lapsed.

2. especially British English if a contract, agreement etc lapses, it comes to an end, usually because an agreed time limit has passed:
Your booking will automatically lapse unless you confirm it.

In everyday English, people usually say that a contract or agreement runs out rather than lapses:
His club membership had run out.

3. to stop believing in or following a religion:
those people who have lapsed from the practice of their religion

4. formal if a period of time lapses, it passes:
Many years had lapsed since her first visit to Wexford.
lapse into something phrasal verb

1. lapse into unconsciousness/silence/sleep etc to go into a quiet or less active state:
He lapsed into a coma and died two days later.
Alison lapsed into puzzled silence.

2. to begin to behave or speak in a way that you did before:
She lapsed back into her old ways.
Occasionally he lapsed into his native German.

3. to get into a worse state or become worse:
Following his death, the Empire lapsed into chaos.
His poetry often lapses into sentimentality.

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I. small error
ADJ. minor | momentary, temporary | sudden | memory, mental I keep suffering these mental lapses.
VERB + LAPSE have, suffer I had a momentary lapse when I couldn't remember his name.
PREP. ~ in a lapse in attention
~ of sudden lapses of concentration

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II. bad behaviour
ADJ. curious, odd It was an odd lapse for one who is normally so polite.

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III. passing of time
ADJ. brief, considerable | time
PHRASES ~ of after a considerable lapse of time a time lapse of three months

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