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later /ˈleɪtə $ -ər/ adverb
later adjective [only before noun]

اخری ، دومی ، عقب تر ، اخیرالذکر
Synonyms: afterwards, after, by and by, in a while, in time, later on, subsequently, thereafter
Antonyms: earlier
English Thesaurus: after, in, within, within a month/two weeks etc, 24 hours/a year etc from now, ...

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I. later1 S1 W1 /ˈleɪtə $ -ər/ adverb

1. after the time you are talking about or after the present time:
I’m going out for a bit – I’ll see you later.
two years/three weeks etc later
He became Senator two years later.
later that day/morning/week etc
The baby died later that night.
later in the day/week/year
The dentist could fit you in later in the week.

2. later on at some time after the present time:
I can’t eat all of this – I’ll finish it later on.

3. not later than something used to say that something must be done by a particular time in the future:
Completed entry forms should arrive not later than 31st July.

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II. later2 adjective [only before noun]

1. coming in the future or after something else Antonym : earlier:
The role of marketing is dealt with in a later chapter.
The launch was postponed to a later date.

2. more recent Antonym : earlier:
The engine has been greatly improved in later models.

3. in later years/life when someone is older:
Using a sunscreen when you are young helps you to have healthy skin in later years.

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