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latest /ˈleɪtəst, ˈleɪtɪst/ adjective [only before noun]

دیر رس ، تازه گذشته ، اینده
Synonyms: up-to-date, current, fashionable, modern, most recent, newest, up-to-the-minute
Antonyms: earliest
English Thesaurus: modern, the latest, up-to-date, newfangled, high-tech, hi-tech, ...

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I. latest1 /ˈleɪtəst, ˈleɪtɪst/ adjective [only before noun]
the most recent or the newest:
all the latest gossip
His latest film is one of the funniest he’s ever made.

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II. latest2 noun

1. the latest informal the most recent or newest thing
the latest in
Wednesday’s session was the latest in a series of planning meetings.
the latest in ... technology/equipment (=the most modern equipment)
using the latest in medical technology

2. at the latest no later than the time mentioned:
I should be back by 11 o'clock at the latest.

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BAD: The latest election was won by the socialists.
GOOD: The last election was won by the socialists.
BAD: In the latest decades of the twentieth century, the world has seen many changes.
GOOD: In the last decades of the twentieth century, the world has seen many changes.

Usage Note:
See note at LAST 3 (last)

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