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latter /ˈlætə $ -ər/ noun

اخری ، عقب تر ، دومی ، این یک ، اخیر
Synonyms: last-mentioned, closing, concluding, last, second
Antonyms: former

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I. latter1 W2 /ˈlætə $ -ər/ noun
the latter formal the second of two people or things just mentioned Antonym : former:
Where unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former.

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II. latter2 adjective [only before noun] formal
[Language: Old English; Origin: lætra 'later', from læt 'late']

1. being the second of two people or things, or the last in a list just mentioned Antonym : former:
In the latter case, buyers pay a 15% commission.

2. the latter part of a period of time is nearest to the end of it:
Celebrations are planned for the latter part of November.

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