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LAX /ˌel eɪ ˈeks/
lax /læks/ adjective

لخت ، سست ، سهل انگار ، اهمال کار ، لینت مزاج ، شل کردن ، ول کردن ، رهاکردن
Synonyms: slack, careless, casual, lenient, negligent, overindulgent, remiss, slapdash, slipshod
Antonyms: rigid, strict, stringent
Contrasted words: firm, hard, solid, elastic, resilient, springy, austere, severe, stern, rigid, rigorous, conscientious, honest, scrupulous, upright
Related Words: forgetful, oblivious, unmindful

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LAX /ˌel eɪ ˈeks/
abbreviation for Los Angeles International Airport; the main airport in Los Angeles, California

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lax /læks/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: laxus 'loose']
not strict or careful enough about standards of behaviour, work, safety etc Synonym : slack
lax in (doing) something
The company has been lax in carrying out its duties.
lax security
—laxity (also laxness) noun [uncountable]

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