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league /liːɡ/ noun [countable]

اتفاق ، مجمع ، لیگ ، واحد راه پیمایی که تقریبا مساوی 2/4 تا 4/6 میل است ، اتحادیه ، اتحاد ، متحد کردن ، هم پیمان شدن ، گروه ورزشی ، قانون ـ فقه: جامعه متحد کردن یا شدن ، ورزش: مسابقه های دوره ای باشگاهها
- association, alliance, coalition, confederation, consortium, federation, fraternity, group, guild, partnership, union
- class, category, level
Related Words: division

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league W2 /liːɡ/ noun [countable]
[Sense 1-5: Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: ligue 'agreement to act together', from Old Italian liga, from ligare 'to tie']
[Sense 6: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Late Latin; Origin: leuga]

1. a group of sports teams or players who play games against each other to see who is best:
He makes his football league debut tomorrow.
the Rugby League Championship
be (at the) top/bottom of the league (=be the best or the worst team in a group)

2. a group of people or countries who have joined together because they have similar aims, political beliefs etc:
the National Socialist League

3. not be in the same league (as somebody/something) to be not nearly as good or important as someone or something else:
They’re not in the same league as the French at making wine.

4. be in a different league to be much better than someone or something else:
For most of the match, Brazil were in a different league, and won 4–0.

5. be out of your league to not be skilled or experienced enough to do or deal with something

6. be in league (with somebody) to be working with someone secretly, especially for a bad purpose:
Vernon was accused by his enemies of being in league with the devil.

7. an ancient unit for measuring distance, equal to three miles or about 4,828 metres on land, and three nautical miles or 5,556 metres at sea

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I. group of sports clubs that compete with each other
ADJ. cricket, football, etc. They want to start a new football league.
European, northern, etc. | local, national | Sunday He played Sunday League cricket for years.
premier | major, minor major league baseball
super new proposals for a European super league
VERB + LEAGUE create, form, set up, start | join The team joined the Northern League last year.
LEAGUE + NOUN champions, leaders | championship, cup, title | club, side | player | game, match | table | cricket, football, etc.
PREP. in a/the ~ The team is now in the Premier League.
PHRASES at the bottom/top of the league, (come) bottom/top of the league, a position in the league hoping to improve their position in the league

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II. level of quality, ability, etc.
ADJ. big, super, top, world This move propelled him into the political big league.
PHRASES in a different league Today's technology is in a different league (= very much better).
in a league of your own As a painter he is in a league of his own (= much better than others).
not in the same league (as … ) (= not nearly as good as), out of sb's league A house like that is way out of our league (= too expensive for us).

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