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leather /ˈleðə $ -ər/ noun

بند چرمی ، قیش چرمی ، چرمی کردن ، چرم گذاشتن به ، شلاق زدن
leather W3 /ˈleðə $ -ər/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: lether]

1. [uncountable] animal skin that has been treated to preserve it, and is used for making shoes, bags etc:
The inside of the bag was lined with soft leather.
elegant leather boots

2. leathers [plural] special leather clothes worn for protection by someone riding a motorcycle
run/go hell for leather at hell1(27)

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ADJ. thick | thin | tough | soft | shiny | worn | genuine, real | imitation, synthetic | calf, chamois, etc. | morocco, patent | shoe
VERB + LEATHER tan | treat The leather has been treated with wax.
polish | be made from/in/(out) of a coat made from buffalo leather
bind sth in Each volume is bound in genuine leather.
LEATHER + VERB crack a cracked leather belt
PREP. in ~ (= made of leather) I'm looking for a pair of boots in dark brown leather.
in ~s (= wearing leather) a biker in black leathers

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