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lifeboat /ˈlaɪfbəʊt $ -boʊt/ noun [countable]

قایق نجات ، علوم نظامی: قایق نجات ، علوم دریایی: قایق نجات
lifeboat /ˈlaɪfbəʊt $ -boʊt/ noun [countable]

1. a boat that is sent out to help people who are in danger at sea
lifeboat crew/station/service

2. a small boat carried by ships in order to save people if the ship sinks

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ADJ. inshore, offshore
VERB + LIFEBOAT get into, man, take to The crew took to the lifeboats.
call out The lifeboat was called out five times in the January storms.
LIFEBOAT + VERB be stationed … The lifeboat is stationed just along the coast from here.
LIFEBOAT + NOUN service | crew | house, shed, station
PREP. aboard/on board a/the ~ two survivors on board the lifeboat
in/on a/the ~ There was only room for ten people in the lifeboat.

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