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lodge /lɒdʒ $ lɑːdʒ/ verb

سرا ، جا ، خانه ، کلبه ، شعبه فراماسون ها ، انبار ، منزل دادن ، پذیرایی کردن ، گذاشتن ، تسلیم کردن ، قرار دادن ، منزل کردن ، بیتوته کردن ، تفویض کردن ، خیمه زدن ، به لانه پناه بردن ، معماری: منزل
- cabin, chalet, cottage, gatehouse, hut, shelter
- society, branch, chapter, club, group
- stay, board, room
- stick, come to rest, imbed, implant
- register, file, put on record, submit
Related Words: accept, admit, receive, take, accommodate, contain, hold

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Lodge, David
(1935–) a British writer of novels, known for his humorous books such as Changing Places, Small World, and Thinks .... His books are often about the lives and relationships of university teachers, and some have been made into television programmes.

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I. lodge1 /lɒdʒ $ lɑːdʒ/ verb

1. lodge a complaint/protest/appeal etc British English to make a formal or official complaint, protest etc
lodge a complaint/protest/appeal etc with
He lodged an appeal with the High Court.
lodge a complaint/protest/appeal etc against
They lodged a complaint against the doctor for negligence.

2. BECOME STUCK [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive usually passive] to become firmly stuck somewhere, or to make something become stuck Antonym : dislodge
lodge in
The fishbone lodged in her throat.
be lodged in/between/behind etc something
The bullet was lodged in his spine.

3. PUT SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE [transitive] to provide someone with a place to stay for a short time:
a building used to lodge prisoners of war
lodge somebody in/at something
The refugees were lodged in old army barracks.

4. PUT SOMETHING SOMEWHERE [transitive] British English formal to put something important in an official place so that it is safe
lodge something with somebody
Be sure to lodge a copy of the contract with your solicitor.
lodge something in something
The money was lodged in a Swiss bank account.

5. STAY SOMEWHERE [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] old-fashioned to pay to live in a room in someone’s house
lodge at/with etc
John lodged with a family in Bristol when he first started work.

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II. lodge2 noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: loge 'small building']

1. a small house on the land of a large country house, usually at the main entrance gate

2. a room or small building at the entrance to a college, institution etc for someone whose job is to watch who enters and leaves:
the porter’s lodge

3. a house or hotel in the country or mountains where people can stay when they want to go hunting, shooting etc

4. a local meeting place for some organizations, or the group of people who belong to one of these organizations:
He was a member of a Masonic lodge.

5. a beaver's home

6. American English a traditional home of Native Americans, or the group of people that live in it

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