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lonely /ˈləʊnli $ ˈloʊn-/ adjective (comparative lonelier, superlative loneliest)

تنها ، بیکس ، غریب ، بی یار ، متروک ، بیغوله
- abandoned, destitute, forlorn, forsaken, friendless, lonesome
- solitary, alone, apart, companionless, isolated, lone, single, withdrawn
- remote, deserted, desolate, godforsaken, isolated, out-of-the-way, secluded, unfrequented, uninhabited
English Thesaurus: lonely, isolated, alienated, homesick, miss somebody, ...

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lonely S3 /ˈləʊnli $ ˈloʊn-/ adjective (comparative lonelier, superlative loneliest)

1. unhappy because you are alone or do not have anyone to talk to Synonym : lonesome American English:
a lonely old man
Don’t you get lonely being on your own all day?
Do not use lonely to mean ‘without anyone else’. Use alone: She is afraid to travel alone (NOT travel lonely).

2. a lonely experience or situation makes you unhappy because you are alone or do not have anyone to talk to:
a lonely journey
lonely life/existence
He led a lonely life with few friends.

3. the lonely [plural] people who are lonely

4. a lonely place is a long way from where people live and very few people go there Synonym : lonesome American English, remote, desolate
lonely place/road/spot etc
—loneliness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, get
ADV. desperately, extremely, terribly, unbearably, very She was desperately lonely at school.
a bit, a little, pretty, rather | oddly She felt oddly lonely without her books.

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