look out
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look out
Synonyms: be careful, beware, keep an eye out, pay attention, watch out

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look something ↔ out phrasal verb (see also look)
to search for and find a particular thing among your possessions:
I’ll look out some of my old books for you.

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look out
to watch what is happening and be careful.
But when the ice suddenly breaks, look out.

Usage notes: often used as an instruction:
Someone shouted, “Look out, he's got a gun!”

Related vocabulary: watch out

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look out
take care, be careful, be on guard
"Look out! There is a large truck coming down the highway."

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look out
1. To take care; be careful; be on guard.
Usually used as a command or warning.
"Look out!" John called, as the car came toward me.
"Look out for the train," the sign at the railroad crossing warns.
2. To be alert or watchful; keep watching.
A collector of antique cars asked Frank to look out for a 1906 gas head lamp.
3. informal To watch or keep (a person or thing) and do what is needed; provide protection and care.
Used with "for".
Lillian looked out for her sister's children one afternoon a week.
Uncle Fred looked out for his brother's orphan son until the boy was through college.
Compare: LOOK AFTER.

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