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lord /lɔːd $ lɔːrd/ noun

صاحب ، ارباب ، خداوندگار ، فرمانروا ، شاهزاده ، مالک ، ملاک ، حکمروایی کردن ، مانند لرد رفتار کردن ، عنوان لردی دادن به ، بازرگانی: ارباب
- master, commander, governor, leader, liege, overlord, ruler, superior
- nobleman, earl, noble, peer, viscount
- Our Lord or the Lord: Jesus Christ, Christ, God, Jehovah, the Almighty
- lord it over: order around, boss around (informal), domineer, pull rank, put on airs, swagger
Related Idioms: put on airs
Related Words: affect, pretend, put on, boss, order (about or around), overawe, overbear, tyrannize

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Lord noun [singular]

a) a title of God or Jesus Christ, used when praying:
Thank you, Lord, for your blessings.
b) the Lord God or Jesus Christ, used when talking about God:
The Lord helps and guides us.

2. Lord (only) knows spoken
a) used when you do not know the answer to something
Lord knows how/who/where etc
Lord knows how old she is now.
b) used to emphasize that something is true:
Lord only knows I tried my best to get this right.

3. (Good) Lord!/Oh Lord! spoken said when you are suddenly surprised, annoyed, or worried about something Synonym : heavens:
Good Lord! Is that the time?

4. the title of someone who has a particular type of official job in Britain:
Lord Mayor of London

5. the Lords British English the House of Lords ⇒ the Commons

6. Our Lord a phrase meaning Jesus Christ

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I. lord1 S3 W2 /lɔːd $ lɔːrd/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: hlaford, from hlaf 'bread' + weard 'keeper']

1. [countable] (also Lord) a man who has a rank in the aristocracy, especially in Britain, or his title ⇒ lady:
Lord Salisbury

2. [countable] a man in medieval Europe who was very powerful and owned a lot of land:
the feudal lords

3. my lord British English spoken used to address a judge or bishop, and in the past to address a lord

4. sb’s lord and master someone who must be obeyed because they have power over you – used humorously

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II. lord2 verb
lord it over somebody to behave in a way that shows you think you are better or more powerful than someone else:
He didn’t use his position on the council to lord it over people.

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ADJ. great, noble | feudal
VERB + LORD serve
LORD + VERB rule sb/sth
 ⇒ Note at PEER

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