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loud /laʊd/ adjective (comparative louder, superlative loudest)

باصدای بلند ، بلند اوا ، پر صدا ، گوش خراش ، زرق وبرق دار ، پرجلوه ، رسا ، مشهور
- noisy, blaring, booming, clamorous, deafening, ear-splitting, forte (Music), resounding, thundering, tumultuous, vociferous
- garish, brash, flamboyant, flashy, gaudy, glaring, lurid, showy
Antonyms: low, soft
Contrasted words: dulcet, gentle, mellifluous, mellow, quiet, smooth
Related Words: booming, deafening, ear-piercing, fulminating, pealing, ringing, thunderous, resonant, resounding, sonorous, harsh, hoarse, raucous, stertorous, strident, brassy, vulgar, obnoxious, offensive, obtrusive
English Thesaurus: loud, noisy, rowdy, raucous, resounding, ...

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I. loud1 S2 W3 /laʊd/ adjective (comparative louder, superlative loudest)
[Word Family: adverb: aloud, loud, loudly; noun: loudness; adjective: loud]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hlud]

1. making a lot of noise Antonym : quiet:
The book fell to the floor with a loud bang.
The music was so loud that I had to shout.
‘Who’s there?’ asked David in a loud voice.

2. someone who is loud talks too loudly and confidently:
The more Tom drank, the louder he became.

3. loud clothes are too bright or have too many bright patterns Synonym : garish, gaudy:
a loud checked suit

4. be loud in your praise/opposition/support etc to express your approval or disapproval very strongly:
The local business community was loud in its support for the scheme.
—loudly adverb:
Ben laughed loudly.
She spoke more loudly than she intended.
—loudness noun [uncountable]

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II. loud2 S3 adverb (comparative louder, superlative loudest)
[Word Family: adverb: aloud, loud, loudly; noun: loudness; adjective: loud]

1. spoken in a way that makes a lot of noise Synonym : loudly:
Could you speak a little louder?
You’ve got the telly on too loud.

2. loud and clear in a way that is very easy to understand:
The message came through loud and clear.

3. out loud in such a way that people can hear you Synonym : aloud:
Read it out loud, so we can all hear.
Harriet laughed out loud in astonishment.
actions speak louder than words at action1(13), ⇒ for crying out loud at cry1(4)

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VERBS be, sound | turn sth up She turned the radio up loud.
ADV. deafeningly, extremely, really, very | pretty, rather | unnaturally Her voice sounded unnaturally loud.
PHRASES loud and clear Tommy's voice came loud and clear from the back row.

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See: actions speak louder than words , for crying out loud , out loud , think aloud or think out loud

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