lousy ●●○○○
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lousy /ˈlaʊzi/ adjective (comparative lousier, superlative lousiest)

شپشو ، کثیف ، چرکین ، اکبیری ، نکبت ، پست
lousy /ˈlaʊzi/ adjective (comparative lousier, superlative lousiest)

1. especially spoken of very bad quality Synonym : awful, terrible:
What lousy weather!
The food was lousy.
a lousy film

2. spoken feel lousy if you feel lousy, you feel ill

3. spoken not very good at doing something Synonym : hopeless, terrible
lousy at/with
I’m lousy at tennis.
Brenda’s lousy with kids.
a lousy teacher

4. spoken small, useless, or unimportant:
He left me a lousy fifty cent tip.

5. be lousy with something American English old-fashioned
a) a place that is lousy with people of a particular kind is too full of them:
The town was lousy with tourists.
b) someone who is lousy with money has a lot more of it than they need

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