lubberly adjective & adverb. ['lʌbǝli]

بیدست وپا ، از روی کودنی یا بیدست و پایی
Synonyms: boorish, cloddish, clodhopping, clownish, loutish, lowbred, lumpish, rugged, unpolished, unrefined

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lubberly adjective & adverb. ['lʌbǝli] L16.
[from LUBBER noun + -LY1.]
A. adjective.
1. Of the nature or characteristic of a lubber; loutish, clumsy, lazy, stupid. L16.

2. Nautical. Resembling, pertaining to, or characteristic of a lubber; unseamanlike. L18.
b. adverb. In a lubberly manner; unskilfully, clumsily. L16.

lubberliness noun L16.

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