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lure /lʊə, ljʊə $ lʊr/ verb [transitive]

Irregular Forms: (pl) lures

چاشنی ، وسیله تطمیع ، طعمه یا چیز جالبی که سبب عطف توجه دیگری شود ، گول زنک ، فریب ، بوسیله تطمیع بدام انداختن ، بطمع طعمه یا سودی گرفتار کردن ، فریفتن ، اغوا کردن ، ورزش: وسیله ای برای ماهیگیری با چند قلاب ، علوم نظامی: طعمه ماهی
- tempt, allure, attract, draw, ensnare, entice, invite, seduce
- temptation, allurement, attraction, bait, carrot (informal), enticement, incentive, inducement
Antonyms: repel
Contrasted words: caution, caveat, warning, drive (away or off), rebuff, repulse
Related Idioms: bait the hook, give the come-on
Related Words: appeal, attraction, incentive, inducement, con game, gimmick, suck-in, trick, ambush, blind, camouflage, delusion, fake, illusion, bag, capture, catch, draw in, ensnare, rope, snare, suck in, attract, beguile, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, fascinate, invite, draw, draw on, blandish, cajole, wheedle

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I. lure1 /lʊə, ljʊə $ lʊr/ verb [transitive]

1. to persuade someone to do something, especially something wrong or dangerous, by making it seem attractive or exciting
lure somebody into (doing) something
People may be lured into buying tickets by clever advertising.
lure somebody away
Computer games are luring youngsters away from their lessons.

2. to attract customers, workers, money etc from another company or place
lure somebody back/away
The bank launched an advertising campaign to lure back its traditional customers.
It’s very difficult to lure talent away from Silicon Valley.

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II. lure2 noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: luere]

1. [usually singular] something that attracts people, or the quality of being able to do this
lure of
the lure of easy money
Malc wasn’t mature enough to resist the lure of drink and drugs.

2. an object used to attract animals or fish so that they can be caught Synonym : decoy

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ADJ. irresistible, strong
VERB + LURE resist She can't resist the lure of the bright lights.
feel He felt the lure of distant places.

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