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main /meɪn/ adjective [only before noun]

بزرگ ، کامل شاه لوله ، نیرومند ، عمده ، اصلی ، مهم ، تمام ، کامل ، دریا ، با اهمیت ، علوم مهندسی: خط اصلی ، عمران: اصلی ، معماری: مهم ، بازرگانی: اصلی ، علوم هوایی: اصلی
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: اصلی

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- chief, central, essential, foremost, head, leading, pre-eminent, primary, principal
- conduit, cable, channel, duct, line, pipe
- in the main: on the whole, for the most part, generally, in general, mainly, mostly
Related Words: foremost, head, leading, paramount, cardinal, controlling, essential, fundamental, vital, prevailing
English Thesaurus: main, chief/principal, major, key, number one, ...

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I. main1 S1 W1 /meɪn/ adjective [only before noun]
[Language: Old English; Origin: mægen-, from mægen 'strength']

1. larger or more important than all other things, ideas etc of the same kind:
The main reason for living in Spain is the weather.
What do you consider to be the main problem?
Our main concern is that the children are safe.
a summary of the main points of the agreement
the main aim of the meeting
I’ll meet you outside the main entrance.
the main bedroom

2. the main thing spoken used to say what is the most important thing in a situation:
As long as you’re not hurt, that’s the main thing.
The main thing is not to panic.
an eye for/on/to the main chance at eye1(22)

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II. main2 noun

1. [countable] a large pipe or wire carrying the public supply of water, electricity, or gas:
The report found that many of Yorkshire’s water mains needed replacing.
a burst gas main

2. British English
a) the mains the place on a wall where you can connect something to a supply of electricity:
You can run the torch off batteries or plug it into the mains.
at the mains
Make sure that the television is turned off at the mains.
b) mains gas/water/electricity gas, water, or electricity supplied to a building through a pipe or wire:
The heater will run off mains gas or bottled gas.

3. in the main mostly:
Their job in the main consisted of cleaning and maintaining the building.

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ADJ. gas, water | burst, leaking There's a burst water main in Quarry Road.
VERB + MAIN lay They're laying a new gas main through the town.
MAIN + VERB serve sth The main serves four villages.
explode, leak
MAIN + NOUN electricity, gas, water an island without mains electricity
PREP. at the ~s Turn the water off at the mains.
on the ~s Some of the remoter houses in the village are not on the mains.

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See: in the main , with might and main

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